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Haylie Gonzalez

Haylie Gonzalez Wiki – Haylie Gonzalez Biography

Haylie Gonzalez was missing since July 4 party at Bonilla-Lopez’s home. Investigators learned that Gonzalez called a friend for a ride home. The friend said she sounded scared.

Oklahoma police announced Tuesday that remains found in Oklahoma City in mid-August had been positively identified.


She was 17 years old.


Haylie Gonzalez had been missing since July, and foul play was suspected in her disappearance. Police said that just after midnight on July 8, officers took a report regarding a missing juvenile, identified as Gonzalez. The teenager was last seen at a party on July 4, and her disappearance was suspected foul play.

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When the friend arrived to pick Gonzalez up, she noticed Bonilla-Lopez outside washing his hands; Gonzalez was nowhere in sight, according to a probable cause affidavit.


According to police, three people were taken into custody in connection with the case. Eduardo Bonilla-Lopez, 18, is charged with first-degree murder.

According to court documents, Bonilla-Lopez’s father and sister, 41-year-old Vidal Bonilla and 23-year-old Lilian Bonilla, are charged with accessory to murder. They are accused of helping Bonilla-Lopez conceal evidence.

Police said they obtained information in early August that led investigators to the 6800 block of Northwest 13th Street. Remains were found at this location and confirmed to belong to Gonzalez, police officials announced on Tuesday.

Haylie Gonzalez’s Body Found

According to Oklahoma City police, the body found in northwest Oklahoma City has been identified as 17-year-old Haylie Gonzalez, who had been missing since July.


Bonilla-Lopez reportedly told investigators that he drove Gonzalez to another location where he had someone else dispose of her body after the video chat.

Bonilla-Lopez allegedly asked his friend for help disposing of Gonzalez’s body in the FaceTime call, but the friend refused, telling Bonilla-Lopez to take the girl to a hospital. Bonilla-Lopez rejected that suggestion, saying he did not want to go to prison, according to police.

After Oklahoma City Police arrested Bonilla-Lopez on July 12, they arrested his father and sister, Vidal Bonilla and Lillian Bonilla, for allegedly helping him conceal the crime.

Gonzalez’s family plan to take her back to Texas, where she’s from, for burial.

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