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Hannah Gittings

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Anthony Huber’s girlfriend Hannah Gittings was hugged as she spoke to the media after the Kyle Rutton House trial.

Parents of one of the two people killed by Kyle Ruttenhouse say the young shooter’s death is an “unacceptable message.”

Anthony Huber’s parents say the acquittal gives the impression that armed civilians appear in every city, inciting violence without any result.

Although many are angry with the jury’s decision, it remains to be seen whether the protests will break out in the town of Kenosha, Wisconsin, where the trial took place at night.


Hannah Gittings is 25 years old.

Anthony Huber’s Parents Statement

In a statement, Huber’s parents said: “We are heartbroken and outraged that Kyle Wrighton House was acquitted of the murder of our son Anthony Huber.

“Today, there is no justice for Anthony or Mr. Rutton House, Joseph Rosenbaum, and the other victims of Gage Groscratz.”

Parents John Huber and Karen Bloom say the decision means the person who killed their son will not be held accountable.

“This sends an unacceptable message that armed civilians can appear in any city, incite violence, and then use their risk to justify shooting people on the streets,” the statement said. Are. ”

“We hope that civilized people will support us in rejecting this message and demanding our laws, our authorities, and our judiciary.”

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Huber’s parents aren’t the only ones who feel the jury was wrong.

Jacob Blake’s family called the return of Rutten House – who shot and wounded one – an “injustice.”

Protests that began with Blake’s shooting, a black man shot seven times last summer by a Kenosha police officer, are now paralyzed and brought 17-year-old Rutten House to town.

These included the premeditated murder of Anthony Huber’s first-degree murder, the reckless first-degree murder of Joseph Rosenbaum, the attempted first-degree murder of Gage Grocrotz, and two cases of first-degree security negligence.

Blake’s uncle, Justin Blake, said he was “shocked and shocked” to hear the jury acquit Rottenhouse of all five charges.

“The attack was carried out on two young men who did not have weapons to defend themselves against the AR-15.”

“You chose to represent yourself and came here to march peacefully for Jacob Blake – it caused your death.”

The ruling drew mixed reactions outside Kinosha County Court House on Friday.

“I am very disappointed and expect a different decision,” Veronica King, secretary of the NAACP Kenosha office, told the Milwaukee General Sentinel. “We have to call different juries.”

Chicago’s Lin Lyons told the newspaper he had seen the process from start to finish and “fully agreed” with the decision that Rutten House acted in its defense.