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Haley Richardson

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Haley Richardson, a pregnant nurse, and her unborn child died after suffering from complications related to COVID-19, and now her husband is speaking out and urging others to get vaccinated.

Ms Richardson worked as a labour and delivery nurse at Ascension Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola. She and her husband, Jordan Richardson, lived in Theodore with their 2-year-old daughter Katie.


She was 32 years old.

Haley Richardson And Her Baby Dies

Jordan said Haley was unvaccinated and became ill after contracting COVID-19 at the end of July.

She was admitted to the hospital at the beginning of August when her symptoms started to worsen and were eventually admitted to the ICU, where she spent the last days of her life.

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Haley was almost seven months pregnant with her baby girl when she was admitted to the hospital. The baby died on Aug. 18. Haley passed away just two days later, on Aug. 20.


Jordan says they planned to name their second daughter Ryleigh Beth. Ryleigh Beth was expected to be born in November.

“I was excited,” Jordan said.

“I already have a little girl and everybody asked when we were trying for our second, ‘You want a boy? You want a boy?’ And I told them, ‘Nope, I want another girl. I love her to death, and I was so excited when I found out that’s what we were having.”

Jordan said after Haley became infected with COVID-19, she became ill quickly. He said she was unvaccinated because they were planning to get pregnant with their second baby, and she was worried about the possible side effects it could have on the baby.

“We were just worried that there may be complications from that standpoint with having a baby and once she was pregnant, so she was not vaccinated,” Jordan said. “I think she would have advocated for it though, knowing this would be the outcome.”

Jordan urges other expectant mothers to get vaccinated, so other families don’t have to go through the same pain he is feeling.

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