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Hadley Gamble Wiki – Hadley Gamble Biography

Hadley Gamble, a US TV reporter, accused by Russia’s state television of attempting to distract Vladimir Putin by flirting during a panel discussion, has laughed off the drama – showing off a cake her friends made her with Putin’s face printed on it.


She is 39 years old.

Hadley Gamble Flirting With Vladimir Putin

Gamble, the foreign correspondent for CNBC, caught the Russian president’s eye last week as she moderated an energy forum in Moscow amid Europe’s gas crisis – with the 69-year-old calling her ‘beautiful’ and ‘pretty.’

Putin was subsequently criticized for ‘sexism’ before Russian TV news host Vladimir Solovyov used his show on Rossiya 1 to accuse Gamble of using her looks in an attempt to ‘distract’ the Russian leader.

But Gamble, 39, laughed off the ‘scandal’ – showing off a picture of the cake on her Instagram along with the front page of Russian newspaper Kommersant, which featured a photo of her speaking with Putin.

‘I have the best friends,’ she quipped alongside the picture of the cake, which featured the caption ‘too beautiful!’ on top.

The footage broadcast by Solovyov focuses mainly on her legs, with another presenter, Dmitry Kiselyov, claiming she used her body language’ at ‘full steam.’

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After viewing the footage, body language expert Judy James pointed out that ‘all ancient body language flirt manuals cite the act of pointing your foot in someone’s direction as signaling attraction.’

Julia Davis Statement

Daily Beast columnist Julia Davis jumped to Gamble’s defense when Kiselyov’s accusations made headlines.

‘The state media’s ridiculous assault on a U.S. journalist’s appearance was merely a smokescreen for what truly drew the ire of the pro-Kremlin media: it wasn’t Hadley Gamble’s dress or her legs, but her questions,’ Davis tweeted.

The columnist also alleged that the network’s response to Gamble’s outfit was hypocritical, citing another recent instance where American diplomat Victoria Nuland slammed for wearing a pantsuit.

‘What’s especially comical is that the Russians are criticizing Victoria Nuland for ‘insulting Russia’ by not wearing a skirt or a dress, and Hadley Gamble for wearing one they didn’t like,’ she wrote.

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