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Gary Allen, an ‘extremely dangerous’ double-killer with a ‘long-held, deep-seated and warped view of women,’ has today been jailed for 37 years for murdering two sex workers more than two decades apart.

After a jury last week, he was sentenced to guilty of killing mother-of-three Samantha Class, 29, in Hull in 1997, and mother-of-four Alena Grlakova, 38, in Rotherham in 2018.


He is 47 years old.


Allen was initially cleared by a jury in 2000 of the ‘brutal’ murder of Ms. Class. Still, this acquittal was overturned in 2019 after ‘compelling’ new evidence was personally presented to Appeal Court judges by Director of Public Prosecutions Max Hill QC.

Sentencing Allen at Sheffield Crown Court, Mr. Justice Goose called the killer ‘wicked’ and ‘extremely dangerous, and added: ‘I doubt it will ever be safe to release you into the community.

‘It would not be an overstatement to say that what you did to those two women, and the loss and suffering to their families, was wicked,’ he thundered.

Addressing the ‘brutal, callous murder’ of Ms. Class, the judge said: ‘You thought you had got away with that murder, but today your past has caught up with you.

In an excellent excoriation, he added: ‘You are an extremely dangerous man with a long-held, deep-seated and warped view of women, particularly of sex workers.’

A jury heard harrowing details of how the body of Ms. Class, who was working in the sex industry, was found by children on the banks of the Humber in October 1997.

Following his release, the killer returned to Humberside, wherein 2010 police launched an undercover operation to assess the threat he posed to women. He was befriended by an undercover officer and admitted strangling Ms. Class and dumping her body in the river in covertly recorded conversations.

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Though a law on ‘double jeopardy’ allowing suspects to be tried twice for severe offenses came into force in 2003, prosecutors decided there was not enough evidence to apply for the original acquittal to be overturned in a bid to try him for murder again.

Allen then went on to murder Ms. Grlakova, a Slovakian sex worker who was last seen alive on Boxing Day 2018. Her body was found in a stream in Rotherham the following April.

The judge said to Allen: ‘Perhaps, for a while, you thought you had got away with another murder. The jury in this trial has made sure that you have not.’

Detectives found evidence linking Allen to Ms. Grlakova and a recording he made threatening her with violence. After this, lawyers decided that there was enough evidence to charge the killer with the second murder and apply to the Appeal Court to try him for a second time for the murder of Ms. Class.

The acquittal was overturned in 2019 after evidence was presented to judges by Mr. Hill.

Allen has a history of violence against sex workers and had told a probation officer: ‘I like to frighten them. I like to cause pain. I like to make them cry. I like blood. I like to hurt them. I enjoy it. It makes me feel good.’

Jailed For 37 Years

Gary Allen will be sentenced today for two murders.

Last week, Allen, 47, was found guilty of the murder of Samantha Class in Hull in 1997 and Alena Grlakova in Rotherham in 2018 following a dramatic nine-week trial.

He was first tried for Samantha’s murder in 2000 but was found not guilty.

However, due to damning new evidence brought about by an undercover operation by Humberside Police, the Crown Prosecution Service was able to charge Allen with Samantha’s murder again in the area’s first double jeopardy case.

The jury unanimously found Allen guilty on Thursday last week.

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