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Frank Thomas

Frank Thomas Wiki – Biography

Frank Thomas of Brooklyn, New York, has a new lease on life — and a powerful message for all.

That’s after he beat a rare tissue cancer and a devastating heart failure diagnosis.


His age is unclear.

NYPD Detective Loses 100 Pounds After Cancer, Heart Failure

A New York City Police Department detective for 23 years and a father of three, Thomas told Fox News Digital exclusively that he thought “he was pretty much done” when he was diagnosed with angiosarcoma — cancer that forms in the inner lining of blood vessels and lymph vessels, according to the National Cancer Institute.

Angiosarcoma patients have a small likelihood for survival, experts say.

“I thought I was going to not see my kids grow up and my biggest fear was that they wouldn’t remember me,” Thomas, 56, told Fox News Digital.

A decade before his cancer diagnosis, Thomas aided in the recovery efforts at Ground Zero in the aftermath of the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks on American soil.

“It was a horrible day and I saw things that day that I would never want anyone to see,” Thomas said.

He added, “I saw firsthand the greatness and kindness of people. I also saw how evil can destroy, but then as a country, how remarkable we are. 9/11 is a very sad day for my family.”

“We not only relive the events of that day as New Yorkers, but we reflect on our friends who have since passed or gotten sick and my own health challenges from 9/11,” he said.

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Thomas’ cancer led to a massive tumour, and his lung collapsed during the removal of that tumour. After four rounds of chemotherapy followed by radiation, he was in remission.

Then, last year, Thomas was retaining water in his body and was having trouble walking — symptoms he thought might have been pointing toward COVID-19.

He was reluctant to see a doctor, so his wife of 28 years, Joan, researched and found a heart failure specialist at New York’s Mount Sinai Hospital.

“With cancer, it was scary because the kids were little, and it was a scarce type of cancer,” Joan Thomas told Fox News Digital. “Ten years later, we’re dealing with the heart and [we’re] once again back to Mount Sinai. We listened to the fantastic team of doctors, and [Frank] did what he needed to do.