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Frances Haugen

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Frances Haugen is a former Facebook employee who revealed herself as the whistleblower who provided private research documents to The Wall Street Journal for its Facebook Files project. Haugen was a product manager at Facebook until May 2021 and has worked for several significant techs and social media companies during her 15-year career. Haugen revealed her identity during an interview with CBS’ 60 Minutes on Sunday, October 3, 2021.

According to her website, Haugen was born and raised in Iowa City, Iowa, as the daughter of two professors. She said on the website she “grew up attending the Iowa caucuses with her parents, instilling a strong sense of pride in democracy and responsibility for civic participation.”


She is 37 years old.

Frances Haugen Facebook Whistleblower Revealed Her Identity

A former Facebook Inc employee revealed herself on Sunday, October 3, as the whistleblower who leaked a trove of internal company research that served as the basis of a Wall Street Journal investigative series.

The leak led to a Senate hearing and a new wave of criticism over the negative impact of the social media giant’s apps.

Frances Haugen appeared on Sunday on the television program 60 Minutes. She will testify before a Senate subcommittee on Tuesday in a hearing titled “Protecting Kids Online” about the company’s research into Instagram’s effect on the mental health of young users.

Last week, a Facebook executive testified to US senators and disputed the Journal’s characterization of the research, pointing out other findings that she said showed the app’s positive impact on teens.

Haugen was a product manager at Facebook for more than two years, according to her LinkedIn profile. She also worked as a product manager at Google, Pinterest, and Yelp.

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Haugen said she’d seen problems at other social media companies, but “it was substantially worse at Facebook than anything I’d seen before.”


According to her LinkedIn profile, Haugen was on the debate team at Iowa City West High School. She graduated from the school in 2002. Haugen then attended the Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering in Needham, Massachusetts, graduating in 2006 with a degree in electrical engineering, according to her LinkedIn. According to her LinkedIn while at Olin, Haugen was a teaching assistant and was the founder and co-editor of the Olin College Yearbook.

After graduating from Olin College, Haugen attended Harvard Business School, graduating in 2011 with an MBA in general management. On her website, Haugen says, “Frances Haugen is an advocate for public oversight of social media. We can have social media we enjoy that brings out the best in humanity.”


Haugen’s first job out of college was at Google as an associate product manager. She said on LinkedIn she worked on Google Books and Google AdWords. She later worked as a product manager at Google from 2008 to 2009, designing Google’s first mobile book reading experience/application and discovering and developing a book search algorithm and a system for creating covers for 300,000 public domain books.

She left Google briefly in 2011 and later returned to be a software engineer and product manager, working on the company’s Knowledge Graph from 2012 to 2014. She was then a product manager at Yelp from 2015 to 2016, founding its photo quality team. Before moving to Facebook in 2019, Haugen worked at Pinterest as a product manager from 2016 to 2018.

According to her LinkedIn profile, Haugen was a co-founder of the dating app company Hinge during her career in the tech world. She was the technical co-founder for the company in February 2011 and worked as its chief technical officer until August 2011. She also said she co-founded Secret Agent Cupid in 2010, which was a precursor to Hinge.


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