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According to NBC San Diego, Lateche Norris was last seen on November 4 at a 7-Eleven store at 222 Park Blvd., in San Diego. She traveled from Indiana to San Diego to help her boyfriend, who had left a rehab center and lived on the streets.

Her mother, who spent Thanksgiving searching for her missing daughter, says she’s frantic to find her.


She is 20 years old.

Lateche Norris Missing

On November 5, Norris’ mother, Cheryl Walker, spoke to Norris on the phone and nothing seemed unusual. She hasn’t heard from her since. Walker said it wasn’t like her daughter to stop calling her.

“She’s a good human,” mother Cheryl Walker said. “She’s not afraid of hardly anything, which is scary for us at times like these. She’ll be the one to track the bullies down. She’s not worried.”

Walker added that Norris’ boyfriend is also not answering his calls. Walker said she doesn’t want to implicate the boyfriend, although he has past criminal issues with vandalism and arson. Walker added that the boyfriend has been active on social media yet refuses to respond to them.

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The family filed a missing person report on November 10, Dateline reports, but they haven’t gotten any closer to finding Norris.

“This isn’t a 20-year-old girl not calling her family because she’s busy or mad,” Cheryl said. “Something is wrong. This is not like her.”

Norris is described as standing 5’8” and weighing around 160 pounds. She has dark brown and brown eyes. On November 4, Norris’ boyfriend reportedly sent a photo of her to Walker, which showed her wearing a black sweatshirt and black leggings, white shoes, and a black and white checkered backpack.

Norris also has several tattoos, including a blade on her right calf, lettering on her knuckles, and a dreamcatcher on her right shoulder.

Anyone with any information should contact the San Diego Police Department at (619)-531-2446 and reference case number 21-501043.