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Esther Dingley

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Esther Dingley was missing since November 2020. Police searching for missing hiker Esther Dingley have found bones near the site where she last contacted her boyfriend.

French police confirmed remains found at Port de la Glere but said it would take ‘several days or even weeks before they were properly analyzed and any results obtained.


Her age is unclear.

Esther Dingley Missing

Dingley and Colegate completed an 80-day unbroken hiking trek through the Alps on the Via Alpina in late October. They took up temporary residence in a borrowed gite in Gascony. Six days later, Dingley decided at short notice to set off on a solo trip in the campervan.

She spent the first night an hour from Colegate in a lay-by then later, according to Colegate, continuously extended her trip. During this time, Dingley told a fellow walker that she was taking a break from her relationship and did not know if she would resume it. Colegate says this was not true.

On 21 November, Dingley walked from Benasque in Spain and planned to spend the night in Refuge VĂ©nasque in France.

It is not clear if she did spend the night there. On 22 November at around 4 pm, Dingley sent Colegate short text messages via WhatsApp while on top of Pic de Sauvegarde.

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Colegate then made a video call to Dingley lasting around 90 seconds. Three days later, on 25 November, Dingley was reported missing by Colegate, who said this was the day Dingley was due to return to the gite in Gascony from her solo trip.

Colegate has not confirmed the reason for his confidence about her return following the many extensions of her solo trip. Dingley is not known to have communicated with anyone else during these three days. Colegate says that for the period Dingley was solo traveling, he stayed 3 hours away at the borrowed gite in Gascony with only a bicycle as transport.

The Peloton de Gendarmerie de Haute Montagne confirmed that they were searching for Dingley. Search teams and a helicopter were deployed to the search. Colegate went to Luchon to take part in the search for Dingley.

A witness claimed to have seen someone sleeping in the camper van belonging to Dingley ten days after disappearing. The Spanish Police later canceled this claim as they left on the light by mistake after searching in the camper.

Remains Found

A mountain runner raised the alarm around 2 pm on Friday after discovering what he believed could be the remains of a body.

Spanish police went to the area but had to alert their French counterparts after discovering the spot was just over the border.

French police have now taken charge of the investigation to try to confirm they are human bones and, if they are, who they could belong to.

Spanish police sources said they appeared to be human bones.

Police Report

French police chief Jean-Marc Bordinaro said: ‘We cannot say anything at the moment because the discovery of the bones is too recent and they must be properly analyzed.

‘We will not have a result for several days and possibly several weeks.’

A prosecutor based in Saint-Gaudens is expected to make an official statement if there are any changes to the current situation.

Spanish Civil Guard said the discovery was a matter for the French police to comment on as the bones had been found on their side of the border.

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