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Merve Taskin

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Merve Taskin is a Turkish influencer, who faces up to two years in prison for the picture of the Amsterdam Sex Museum. Taşkin was arrested in her home country for glorifying sex toys after posting a picture of the Amsterdam Sex Museum on her profile in January of this year, Het Parool reported.


She is 23 years old.

Merve Taskin Posted Amsterdam Sex Museum Photos

Taşkin came to Amsterdam to celebrate her 22nd birthday along with two friends. She posted pictures of her trip to the Netherlands on her Instagram page, with over five hundred thousand followers. One of the pictures she took was a street view of the Amsterdam Sex Museum in the center of the Dutch capital city.

She shared pictures of sex toys she bought at the museum during a birthday trip to the Netherlands last January.

She says she was arrested in Turkey a few months later, where sharing obscene content is considered a crime.


Due to this image, she promoted offensive material, which carries a prison sentence of between six months to two years. “I gave my statement to the police. I thought it was over but months later I was arrested again.

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This was during my vacation in Canakkale. I was held for one night and I gave prosecutors a statement about the posts. He said after I was free to go”, Tasşkin said to Het Parool via WhatsApp messages. “I don’t want to go to prison.”


Now she says she has been summoned to court to face obscenity charges.

Under Turkish law, any person who publishes obscene material can be fined or sentenced to jail for three years.

“My purpose was to make jokes,” Ms. Taskin, a prominent Instagram personality in Turkey with almost 600,000 followers, told the BBC.

The Turkish embassy in London did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Calls went unanswered.

Ms. Taskin, who lives in Istanbul, said she visited Amsterdam with two friends to celebrate her 22nd birthday.

One item on their to-do list was the Sex Museum, which attracts tourists from across the world.

Inside, Ms. Taskin took to Instagram to share photos of merchandise on sale, including penis-shaped pasta and a “sexy bottle opener.”

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