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Emily Ferlazzo

Emily Ferlazzo Wiki – Emily Ferlazzo Biography

Emily Ferlazzo of Northfield was reportedly last seen on Saturday. Ferlazzo’s husband, Joseph Ferlazzo, 41, has been arrested in connection with her death.

Vermont State Police announced Tuesday night that remains they believe belong to a missing New Hampshire woman recovered.


She was 22 years old.


Family members in New Hampshire called police on Monday night to report Emily Ferlazzo missing, police said. She’d been staying at an Airbnb in Bolton — about 30 minutes outside Burlington, Vermont — with her husband.

Joseph Ferlazzo reportedly told Emily’s family that following an argument on Saturday, Emily got out of their camper van and began walking down Route 2. Joseph said the family he went to a convenience store in Bolton, and when he returned to pick his wife up, he couldn’t find her.

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State police began searching for Emily Ferlazzo shortly after the missing person report was filed Monday night.

Remains Found

Joseph Ferlazzo agreed to speak with investigators Tuesday afternoon and confessed to killing his wife Saturday morning inside their converted van in Bolton, Vermont. State police tracked down the van earlier Tuesday in St. Albans before conducting a search later in the day and discovering human remains that aligned with Joseph Ferlazzo’s story.

On Tuesday afternoon, a detective located Joseph Ferlazzo in a convenience store, and he agreed to go with troopers back to the barracks. He’d last been seen at a friend’s house on Monday night in St. Albans — about an hour’s drive from Bolton — near where the camper van was found on a property belonging to another friend.

The couple’s dog, Remington, was also initially missing but was found unharmed at a friend’s house.

Joseph Ferlazzo is set to be arraigned Wednesday in Burlington superior court.

An autopsy is scheduled for Wednesday.

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