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Eddie Deezen

Eddie Deezen Wiki – Eddie Deezen Biography

Actor Eddie Deezen, known for his roles as nerdy Eugene Felsnick in Grease and as Malvin in War Games, was arrested for allegedly causing a disturbance in a Maryland restaurant. The disturbance included throwing food and plates at law enforcement officers.

According to one local waitress who claims the actor has harassed her in the past, this isn’t Deezen’s first antic in a nearby eatery.


He is 64 years old.

Incident Details

Deezen’s restaurant problems have escalated because he just got arrested for assault after cops say he refused to leave one and unloaded on officers on his way out.

According to a police report, Eddie best known for playing nerdy Eugene Felsnic in the original ‘Grease’ movies was causing a scene at a restaurant in LaVale, Maryland around lunchtime Thursday and refusing to leave, so cops were called, TMZ reported.

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Law enforcement says when deputies arrived, Eddie ran to hide behind a woman in a booth and refused multiple orders from cops to exit, so he had to be forcibly removed.

According to the report, Deezen threw numerous items at deputies during the incident including plates, bowls, and food, and actually struck one of the deputies.

Eddie was eventually removed shirtless, as you can see, and hauled off to jail, where he’s been charged with second-degree assault, disorderly conduct, and trespassing.


Deezen was taken into custody by the Allegany County Sheriff Department and charged with second-degree assault, disorderly conduct, and trespassing.

Deezen was also accused of harassing a waitress at a restaurant in his hometown of Cumberland, Maryland, in June 2021.

In a since-deleted Facebook post, Deezen posted about the waitress’ appearance, in which he allegedly commented on her wearing fake eyelashes and called her an “attention wh*re.”

The woman, Kara Lashbaugh, shared screenshots of the post on Twitter, and called the actor a creep who “comes into my work at least once a week, calls and asks other servers for my schedule, and if he comes in and I’m not wearing makeup HE LEAVES.”

After her post, Deezen accused Lashbaugh of cyberbullying, spreading rumors about him, and getting him banned from a few restaurants in the area, according to Fox News.


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