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Dwight Grant

Dwight Grant Wiki – Dwight Grant Biography

Dwight Grant was a Florida high school student, who was beaten by three other teens before one of them stabbed him in the neck and the chest with a sword.

Investigators said that 17-year-old Andre Clemens, 17-year-old Christie Parisienne, and 16-year-old Jaslyn Smith planned the death of Grant for a week before luring him into his apartment stairwell with a phone call WSVN reported.


He was 18 years old.

Incident Details

The report says one of the 17-year-old suspects was angry that the victim had been intimate with his ex-girlfriend, and that suspect said: “murder was coming soon.”

The surveillance tape shows the attack and the suspects moving the body after Grant was stabbed in the neck with a knife and in the chest with a sword.

The report says one of the suspects was a lookout while two others attacked Grant. It also says surveillance tape shows them the apartment complex together.

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The arrest report mentions a motive in a text and says of Clements, “Andrew was texting her about the victim and told her that he had learned that the victim had had sex with his ex-girlfriend. This infuriated Andre… Andre later texted Christie that ‘murder was coming soon.’”

The report also said the suspects burned some of their clothing because of the blood on it.

Suspects Arrested

Three juveniles are charged in the murder of Dwight “DJ” Grant, a senior at Miramar High School who had planned on going to college and whose body was discovered near his family’s apartment on Tuesday, two days after he went missing Sunday.

The suspects are 16-year-old Jaslyn Smith, Christie Parisien, and Andre Clements III, who Parisien told police was her boyfriend.

They are charged with first-degree murder, tampering with evidence, and criminal conspiracy.

They appeared in juvenile justice court on Sunday and will have another hearing in three weeks.

They could be charged as adults.


Detectives said that Clemens was upset because Grant had hooked with a friend and made the plan with Parisienne and Smith, texting each other to arrange the attack. Parisienne allegedly called Grant and lured him outside, where the three suspects were waiting.

The trio beat him for more than a half-hour until Grant begged for them to stop, at which point Clemens grabbed the sword and plunged it into Grant’s neck and chest. Then, police said, they carried his body into the bushes.

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