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Didem Uslu

Didem Uslu Wiki – Didem Uslu Biography

Didem Uslu was a Turkish belly dancer. Hasan Uslu strangled his daughter Didem Uslu, 32, to death in Kesan, northwest Turkey.

He claimed that it was his daughter’s fault as she had arrived home drunk late at night, and insulted her mother before arguing with him when he told her to be respectful.


She was 32 years old.

Girl Killed By Father With Meat Knife

Hasan Uslu, the kebab cook, said his girl Didem returned home alcoholic late around evening time, offended her mom, and battled him when he advised her to be deferential.

Subsequent to dissecting the young lady’s body, he put the body parts in the cooler.

He later attempted to dispose of him in a close-by woodland – piece by piece. The homicide was submitted in the area of Kesan, territory of Edirne, northwestern Turkey.

Uslu told a court that his girl was to be faulted for her conduct.

He said he became upset when she battled and afterward slaughtered her. The respondent watched the meeting by video while his better half, blamed for not announcing the wrongdoing, didn’t show up.

Uslu, who kept up his honesty, requested to be delivered on the grounds that he was in danger of contracting COVID-19 in jail.

He guaranteed that he was in danger due to his age and fundamental conditions.

Hasan Uslu Jailed For 24 Years

The litigant went to the conference through video interface while his better half Sati, blamed for neglecting to report the wrongdoing, didn’t join in.

Uslu, who kept up his honesty, requested to be delivered due to feelings of dread he would be powerless against Covid-19 on account of his age and basic ailments.

Notwithstanding, the court discovered Uslu blame of “intentionally murdering” his little girl and he was condemned to 24 years in the slammer.

Sati Uslu was allegedly absolved after at first being accused of neglecting to report the wrongdoing.

She said she had felt unwell after her little girl’s assault and had gone to her room where she dropped.

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