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Devina Singh

Devina Singh Wiki – Devina Singh Biography

Devina Singh was an anti-Trump protester, who has been arrested in New York after spitting in a police officer’s face as protesters gathered in cities around the country with the outcome of the presidential election still uncertain.

Miss Singh was filmed yelling ‘f*** you fascist’ at an officer in Manhattan before spitting into his face, despite the risk of infecting him with coronavirus.

She could also be heard shouting ‘… f***ing died for this,’ with the start of the sentence unintelligible. After spitting at the officer, she was thrown to the ground and arrested.


She is 24 years old.

Devina Singh Arrested

She was one of more than 50 people arrested during a night of unrest in New York, which police said began with peaceful demonstrations urging officials to ‘count every vote’ in the presidential election after Trump sued to stop votes being counted in key swing states where he could lose.

The NYPD said that as day turned into night, the protest was ‘hijacked’ by aggressive groups who lit fires before skirmishing with officers, throwing garbage and eggs at them.

Officers said Singh – from Pennsylvania, which is at the center of the election uncertainty – has previous arrests for unlawful assembly and resisting arrest, and is now facing several fresh charges.

More than 24 hours after polls closed, it is still not clear who has won the election. Counting is still underway in a number of battleground states and has been dragged out due to a record number of mail-in ballots.

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Joe Biden is on the cusp of claiming victory, but Donald Trump has issued a series of legal challenges trying to stop vote counting in states he is at risk of losing, amid unsubstantiated allegations of fraud.

That has prompted pro-Trump supporters to descend on polling stations in key states such as Michigan and Arizona in an attempt to oversee the counts, while anti-Trump protesters gathered in Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, Philadelphia, New York, and other Democrat strongholds to demand that every vote be counted.

There has not yet been widespread violence and looting of the kind that was feared before election day, but the longer the uncertainty drags on, the greater the risk becomes. It could still be days before all votes are counted.

Anti Trump Protest

Anti-Trump protesters have organized more than 100 events planned across the country between Wednesday and Saturday.

In Michigan, a battleground state, counter-protests unfolded in Detroit after dozens of Trump supporters descended on a ballot-tallying center to urge officials to stop the counting of votes.

Other protests – sometimes about the election, sometimes about racial inequality – took place in at least a half-dozen cities, including Seattle, Houston, Pittsburgh, Minneapolis, and San Diego.

Singh proceeds to spit in the officer’s face.

The episode, which was caught on camera, shows the police officer then grabbing the woman and shoving her against the wall before forcefully tackling her to the ground, prompting outrage from other protesters.

‘You don’t attack a woman!’ one person shouted.

Police later responded to the incident in a statement on Twitter saying: ‘Actions like this will not be tolerated. Agitators who commit these acts will be arrested.’

Protesters on Wednesday kicked off a day of demonstrations in New York by marching down Manhattan’s iconic thoroughfare while chanting ‘count every vote’ and ‘every vote counts’.

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