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Delia Johnson

Delia Johnson Wiki – Delia Johnson Biography

Delia Johnson was shot and dead when a woman with a gun walked up to another woman and shot her dead on a crowded Prospect Heights street Tuesday – before casually strolling away.

Johnson was found unconscious and unresponsive afterward, and she was pronounced dead after being taken to Interfaith Hospital, cops said.


She was 42 years old.

Incident Details

A Brooklyn woman was casually executed by another woman who walked up to her and shot her in the back of the head, grim video from the scene shows.

The killer, a blond woman wearing a black top and black leggings, lifted her gun, shot Johnson in the head, and then fired at her again as she hit the ground.

The violence sent bystanders fleeing for their lives. One man recoiled in horror near a parked car while the people Johnson spoke to toppled backward on the stoop in front of her.

The shooter then walked back to a white, double-parked sedan, got in the driver’s seat, and drove off.

Family Statement

Family members believe the shooter followed Johnson from a funeral in the neighborhood earlier in the day.

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“She was at a funeral earlier in the evening for an old neighborhood friend to pay her respects, and then this happened,” said her brother, Mathis Johnson, 47. “It was horrible. That lady executed my sister.”

Johnson’s siblings described her as exuberant and generous, an entrepreneur who had become successful enough to buy a car for her 17-year-old daughter.

Delia Johnson Funeral

The funeral Johnson attended before the shooting took place at the Sealy Culyer Funeral Home on Pacific St., just four blocks away. It drew hundreds of mourners from the neighborhood, Mathis Johnson said.

“She was a beautiful person,” Mathis Johnson said of his sister. “She didn’t necessarily have the world to give, but she would give it. She was an amazing woman. Everybody says positive things when people pass, but everything I said about her was 100 percent true.”

Claudia Banton Arrested

Claudia Banton is the suspect in the horrific shooting of a woman chatting with friends near a Brooklyn stoop in August who has been arrested in Florida.

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