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Davy Macias

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Davy Macias and her husband Daniel Macias died after spent 18 months being very cautious about Covid-19. They wiped down surfaces, showered after work, and even delivered their groceries, but that didn’t stop them from contracting the virus.

Davy Macias, a Southern California labor and delivery nurse, was seven months pregnant with her fifth child in early August when hospitalized with Covid-19. Daniel Macias also contracted the virus.


She was 37 years old.

California Couple Dies From COVID-19

Davy Macias, 37, was intubated and dying of complications from covid-19 when doctors helped her give birth to her daughter. She would never see her baby.

Her husband, Daniel Macias, 39, would only get a brief glimpse of their child because he, too, was hospitalized after contracting the virus. According to Davy’s sister-in-law, Terri Serey, Daniel waited to name the baby girl because he believed he and his wife would walk out of the hospital alive to introduce the newborn to their four other children, the eldest age seven and the youngest, 2.

But about a week after the baby was born, Davy died. Two weeks later, so did Daniel.

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Daniel “was well enough to send me a picture of the baby,” Serey told The Washington Post. But “that was the last text I received from him.

Grandmother Statement

The couple was unvaccinated and died on August 26 and September 9, respectively, leaving behind children ranging in age from 3 weeks to 8 years old, Macias told CNN on Monday.

“It wasn’t that they didn’t want to be vaccinated — they planned on it,” she said.

She was adamant that this was a personal choice, and each wanted to learn more about its safety before being inoculated.

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