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David Fry

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Para Hills men David Fry and Chawalit “Gam” Phuangphansa appeared in the Port Adelaide Magistrates Court this afternoon, charged with aggravated assault with a weapon, discharging a firearm to injure, and annoying or frightening a person.

A violent incident that has left a Semaphore man in hospital with a fractured jaw and cheekbone was sparked by a naked photo of his ex-girlfriend, a court has heard.


David is 22 years old.

Semaphore Attack Trial

A witness to the stabbing was then allegedly shot with what was believed to be a pellet gun.

Police prosecutor Jane Lomax told the court that the victim’s ex-girlfriend was with him at the time of the alleged attack and had been “hanging out” with the co-accused and Mr. Phuangphansa’s girlfriend.

“At the house, the other female told [the ex-girlfriend] she’d seen a half-naked photo of her, that she believed was from a video, on Mr. Fry’s phone,” Ms. Lomax said.

The court heard the ex-girlfriend was unsure how Mr. Fry had obtained her image and confronted him about it.

“[Mr. Fry] then allegedly called the witness a ‘dumb slut’,” Ms. Lomax said.

The court heard the woman was then picked up by the alleged victim, who took her back to his house, where she stayed the night.

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“Later that night, she received 15 missed calls from Gam and his girlfriend between 1:16 and 1:30 that morning,” Ms. Lomax told the court.

“She didn’t want any further contact with them but eventually texted back saying, ‘Let’s sort it out tomorrow.’

“Then, at 3:08, she heard a noise that sounded like someone messing about with the screen door.

“When her partner went outside to check what it was, he was set upon by two males.”

The victim sustained a fractured jaw, fractured cheekbone, and lacerations to his face and body and was taken to the Royal Adelaide Hospital for treatment.

Ms. Lomax told the court, “the witness also said she saw Gam holding a knife in his hand, and felt fearful for her safety.”

Bail Application

Both Mr. Fry and Mr. Phuangphansa applied for bail, with Magistrate Paul Foley ordering a home-detention report to be prepared before making his decision.

“I don’t want to give your client false hope. It’s going to have to be an excellent report for bail to be granted,” Mr. Foley said.

The court was told Mr. Fry had a minor criminal record, with priors related to disorderly behavior and loitering.

His lawyer said her client was seeking home detention with the Indigenous Land and Sea Corporation chairperson, Edward Fry, who had “agreed to supervise Mr. Fry at all times when he’s not at work.”

The prosecution did not oppose home-detention bail for Mr. Fry but did oppose it for Mr. Phuangphansa, who the court heard “had a more serious criminal record.”

Ms. Lomax told the court he had a pending firearms charge.

“That’s related to May 2 this year, when police allegedly found a dismantled gel blaster in his shed,” she said.

Ms. Lomax also told the court that the witness said she had previously seen Mr. Fry and Mr. Phuangphansa in possession of what she described as “a home-made gun.”

Both of the bail applications will be assessed when the men return to court next week.

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