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Dan Jewett

Dan Jewett Wiki – Dan Jewett Bio

Seattle teacher Dan Jewett acknowledged his marriage to Scott this weekend on the couple’s webpage for the Giving Pledge, a philanthropic organization that encourages the world’s richest people to dedicate a majority of their wealth to charitable causes.

MacKenzie is one of the world’s richest women and has given away more than $4bn of her fortune.


His age is unclear.

Dan Jewett And MacKenzie Scoot Marriage

The news of her marriage to Dan Jewett was revealed via the Giving Pledge philanthropy website. “Dan is such a great guy, and I am happy and excited for the both of them,” Bezos said in a statement.

Her Amazon author page now says that she “lives in Seattle with her four children and her husband, Dan.” He teaches at the prestigious school attended by her children.

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MacKenzie was married to Bezos for 25 years and helped him start Amazon in 1994. She is also the author of two novels.


“I am married to one of the most generous and kind people I know — and joining her in a commitment to pass on an enormous financial wealth to serve others,” Jewett wrote. “I look forward to the growth and learning I have ahead as a part of this undertaking with MacKenzie.”

The Wall Street Journal first reported the marriage Sunday. Her Amazon biography also notes that Scott “lives in Seattle with her four children and her husband, Dan.”

MacKenzie Scoot Net Worth

MacKenzie who is worth around $53bn according to Forbes’s most recent estimate, has stated her intention to give the majority of it away. She has devoted much of her donations to women-led charities, food banks, and Black colleges.

At the time of their 2019 divorce, Mr.

Bezos was the wealthiest person in the world, with his stake of more than 16% of Amazon. MacKenzie currently ranks the 22nd richest person while Bezos is in the top spot with a fortune of $177bn.

Ms. Scott received 4% of Amazon’s shares as part of their divorce settlement.

The Amazon founder regularly jostles with Tesla’s Elon Musk for the title as the world’s richest person, which changes in line with the share prices of their companies.

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