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Cynthia Miller was a teacher from Raleigh County, West Virginia who was killed on the eve of her wedding day on August 26, 1981, according to local news station WCHS.

The Raleigh County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office announced Tuesday, Oct. 13, 2020, that a man was indicted for the murder of Cynthia Miller, a cold case almost 40 years in the making.

Earl James Robbins was indicted on one count of First Degree Murder, in connection to the murder of Cynthia Miller. On August 27, 1981, Miller, a Raleigh County teacher, was found dead in her home with gunshot wounds. It happened to be her wedding day.

The prosecuting attorney’s office confirms an indictment for murder has just been returned in the case of Cynthia Miller, a Beckley school teacher who was brutally murdered on the eve of her wedding in 1981.

— WVVA News (@WVVA) October 13, 2020


She was 27 years old.

 Cynthia Miller Found Dead On August 27, 1981

According to the news station WCHS, Miller was preparing for her wedding ceremony, which was planned the next day, when she was killed; Miller was engaged to marry Gary O’Neal, a Lester Police Department O’Neal, unfortunately, discovered her body — riddled with four gunshots to the head and shoulder — when he returned home after visiting his father in Princeton, according to Metro News.

A motive is not known and police have not revealed what connection, if any, Robbins had to Miller. Raleigh County Prosecutor Kristen Keller noted during a press conference that, like most grand jury proceedings, the one which led to Robbins being indicted was closed to the public and presented evidence that she couldn’t disclose.

Beckley Police Department Detective Sergeant Morgan Bragg said that after a 2017 cold case squad was assembled, Miller’s case was one of the first they looked into. “She was an altruistic person. To be honest, in my investigation I’ve not heard a crossword or a bad thing about Cynthia Miller,” Bragg said about the case during a press conference. “She was such a good, clean, honest innocent victim that we really wanted to get justice for.”Officer.

 Case Reopen

The case, which was under investigation by Beckley Police for years, was reopened in 2017. Officers also asked West Virginia State Police to join them in the investigation.


Robbins was also indicted in the Raleigh County grand jury for the kidnapping and sexual assault of a minor. He was indicted on one count of Abduction, one count of Kidnapping, and one count of First Degree Sexual Assault.

Further details of this case and the investigation were not released.

Robbins is currently in prison in California. Raleigh County Prosecuting Attorney, Kristen Keller, said the next step is to fill out paperwork for the extradition process. Once brought back to Raleigh County, he will face trial. It is unclear how long the process will take.

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