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Curtis Croslan

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Curtis Crosland is a Philadelphia man who was convicted of murder is freed by evidence that was on file for more than 30 years.

“I feel exceedingly joyful, happy, that finally, you know … after 30 or more years, after constantly knocking on the door for somebody to please hear me, that day finally came,” 60-year-old Curtis Crosland told CNN.


He is 60 years old.

Murder Charges

Crosland’s conviction — based on testimony from two witnesses who later recanted statements they had made implicating him in the case — was overturned in June.

His dismissal came after months of work by the Philadelphia Conviction Integrity Unit, established in 2018 by the office of Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner. The unit was set up to investigate claims of innocence and wrongful conviction.

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Crosland’s is the 22nd amnesty in which the unit has been involved, according to a news release from the CIU.

Crosland was found guilty in 1991 of second-degree murder, robbery, and possessing an instrument of crime in the 1984 killing of a Philadelphia store owner.

Freed After 30 Years

According to the lawsuit, documents that could have helped acquit or exonerate him were in files at the Philadelphia Police Department and the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office from the beginning of the case.

The documents contained troubling information regarding the credibility of two key witnesses and police records that pointed to another suspect, the lawsuit states.

But that information was suppressed, and there was no other evidence that connected Crosland to the crime, the CIU said in the news release.

He has now returned home to his five children, fiancĂ©e, and 32 grandchildren. “It’s a great feeling to still be dad, to be wanted and desired, and open arms to receive you, that’s been the greatest part of being exonerated, that I come home to a loving family that wants and needs me,” said Crosland.

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