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Collin Reeves has appeared in a former military court on charges of murdering his parents Stephen and Jennifer Chappell.

The victims were stabbed to death at their home in Dragon Rise, Norton Fitzgerald, Somerset, while their children were sleeping upstairs.


He is 34 years old.


Her neighbor Colin ReevesThe 34-year-old couple is accused of murder.

Reeves, also of Dragon Rise, appeared in Taunton District Court today.

Dozens of Chapel’s friends and family gathered for the hearing.

The court was so busy that journalists filmed the proceedings from a separate room.

Reeves, in Gray Overs, spoke only to confirm his name, age, and address.

He did not deny the allegations against him.

He was taken into custody before appearing in the first court in Exeter on Friday.


Jennifer, 33, and Stephen, 36, were found seriously injured in their home around 9:45 a.m. Sunday.

When police arrived, they found the couple’s five- and six-year-olds still asleep.

Jennifer worked in daycare while her husband was a teacher.

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Jennifer’s manager, Rob Brooks, described her as “a very commendable employee and a wonderful person.”

She told the Mail Online: “We will remember her as a beautiful, caring, and committed mother and co-worker. She struck us all, and it feels so raw.

Stephen and the kids would stop sometimes, and we would get to know them. They were a very close and loving family.

Children are now cared for by family members.

Police demanded that Reeves’s privacy be respected after learning last night that Reeves had been charged.

Inspector of the criminal investigation team Neil Med “Experts are helping Jennifer and Stephen’s families, and our thoughts are with them tonight.

“We have kept you informed of the progress of our research and are aware of the latest developments.

“Of course this is a very difficult time for you and I urge you to respect your privacy as you will continue to live up to what has happened.”

He added: “I would like to remind the media and the public that a criminal case is already pending and that Colin Reeves deserves a fair trial.

“It is very important that there are no reports, comments, or exchanges of information online that could interfere with these procedures in any way.”