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Collin Knapp

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Collin Knapp is the boyfriend of Kathleen Moore who was last seen at around 1 am local time on November 29 in the Carmel Avenue area of Pasco County.

Authorities have confirmed Kathleen Moore is dead and have arrested her boyfriend Colin Knapp on Monday after the two were seen fighting the last night she was seen alive.


He is 30 years old.

Kathleen Moore Missing

Investigators learned Moore and Knapp were seen arguing the night of November 28 while out with friends in nearby Pinellas County.

Knapp told investigators the couple got into another argument at his home in New Port Richey after midnight. Moore left before he went to the restaurant where he works “to complete a meat inventory order” around 1:30 am, Nocco said.

The sheriff said that investigators have no evidence that Moore ever left Knapp’s home.

Collin Knapp Charged

Law enforcement has now labelled the case a homicide investigation after Florida mom Kathleen Moore, 34, was last seen at around 1 am local time on November 29 in the Carmel Avenue area of Pasco County.

During a press conference on Monday evening, Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco said the office had delayed addressing the public in the hopes of gaining information from Knapp.

Instead, they were met with a “cold” individual who did not share much about Moore’s whereabouts.

Knapp has been charged with second-degree murder.

“We’re hoping he was going to provide information during his interview,” Nocco said on Monday evening.

“But as one of our detectives described to us, he’s very cold even when we’re begging with him to tell us where her body is. He won’t give us information.”

Nocco said deputies found clothing with blood evidence of Moore’s at a county landfill that came from a dumpster at the Harold Seltzer’s Steakhouse – where Knapp works.

Police Report

Instead, Nocco added that they are now asking for the public’s help locating Moore’s body.

“Whether it was Kathleen’s nursing school friends, people that she works with, and everyone else,” Nocco said, “the amount of love that they were showing, trying to find her.”

“So if there’s one thing that I can tell the family is that Kathleen was absolutely loved by this community.”

“So this is the timeline of events that we have so far,” Nocco began the conference by recounting the investigation’s details that have thus been uncovered.

“On November 28, between 10 pm and 11:30 pm, Kathleen and Collin left Largo after a night of socializing, hanging out with friends at multiple bars in Largo in Indian Rocks Beach.”