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Colin Pitchfork

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Double child killer Colin Pitchfork has been arrested and recalled to prison, the Ministry of Justice said, after he was released two months ago.

He was arrested by police officers for ‘concerning behavior’ and taken in for processing just two months after he was freed after 33 years in prison.


He is 61 years old.

Colin Pitchfork Arrested

Undercover of darkness, the sexual predator was taken from Leyhill open prison in Tortworth, Gloucs., to a hostel in the south of England, where other residents and staff greeted him.

In September, it was revealed he had been placed near three schools and two nurseries, with pictures showing him prowling the streets as a free man.

Pitchfork, who was imprisoned for life in 1988 for the rape and murder of two 15-year-old girls, is facing a standard recall – which in theory means he could be rereleased into public life again in 28 days.

But sources told the Sun his past life of crime means he is almost guaranteed an audience before an official Parole Board hearing to determine his fate within the next six months.

The source said it could be ‘years’ before he was rereleased into public life, adding: ‘Pitchfork’s license conditions were so harsh that he faced recall if he stepped out of line.

‘Now he has done just that. His behavior caused great concern, and that was behind it.

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‘He kept going for long walks alone, which in itself was alarming. It’s thought his attitude and fears he was hiding things were also a problem.’


Pitchfork raped and strangled Lynda in Narborough after dropping his wife off at an evening class and while his baby son slept in the back of his car.

Three years later, he raped and murdered Dawn in a similar attack in nearby Enderby.

The killer was the first criminal to be caught by the revolutionary DNA profiling process pioneered by Sir Alec Jeffreys at the University of Leicester.

He was eventually caught after the world’s first mass screening for DNA, as 5,000 men in three villages were asked to volunteer blood or saliva samples.

No matches were found.

But in 1987, a bakery colleague of Pitchfork – who had been there as an apprentice and had expressed a desire to set up his own cake-making business – was overheard boasting how he was set to receive £200 to pose as Pitchfork and give a sample.

The conversation was reported to the police, and Pitchfork was later arrested. He was jailed for life in 1988.

His minimum term of imprisonment was set at 30 years, later reduced to 28 years in 2009 on appeal.