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Clinton Ferreira

Clinton Ferreira Wiki – Clinton Ferreira Biography

Clinton Ferreira the evil s*x offender has been warned that he could face life in prison when he was convicted last year on the list of cruel sex crimes committed against three victims.


He is 38 years old.

Charges on Ferreira

Ferreira was found guilty this morning of sexual violence, rape, and attempted rape by a local teenager who had obtained the results of last year’s three-month examination, a French tourist, and a woman from the area.

It took the Truro Crown Court jury just an hour to convict Ferreira of Tregenna Place in St Ives of lying in prison, a burglary attack, and two attempted rape/suffocation of the victim for attempted rape, obscene images of a child, assaults, and misconduct violations.

When he turned to walk toward the sea, the man was gone; the victim then went to a hotel stopped, hyperventilated, and desperate, where he asked for help.

Although the area was not covered by video surveillance cameras, a nearby camera captured a man heading to Tregenna Place shortly after the attack.

When addressing another applicant, Mr. Beal told the jury how she had been with her boyfriend in St. Ives and pubs that night of September 19.

She decided to return soon to her tent, which was erected on Porthminster Beach while she remained outside.

Mr. Beal said: “He woke up with someone in the store the next morning. He didn’t see her face, but he didn’t understand.

She went back to sleep and woke up a second time. He tried to breathe with his hand around her neck. She managed to crawl out of the store and the attacker escaped.

Another applicant had a sore throat, blood on the lips, and also suffered from bleeding associated with suffocation.

Once again, CCTV showed a man, Ferreira, in a black hoodie, walking towards Porthminster before returning to Tregenna Place shortly after the alleged attack.

The pattern of CCTV sightings was similar to that of three weeks earlier when the first victim was attacked.

Judge Statement

He was not the man who was involved in the first two events. The third case confirms that he has sexual relations with a woman, but says he agreed. Prosecutors said he was too drunk to accept. ‘

Beal spoke in detail about the attack on the first victim and how he arrived on August 22, 2019, to celebrate his victories.

When mom and dad returned home, she continued drinking with her boyfriend and friends. When the friends left, the alleged victim ended up on the beach with her boyfriend.

Two sexes, then the groom decided to go home, so they went in different directions.

Mr. Beal said: “The teenager was walking down the path when he heard someone running after him.

She thought he was her boyfriend until this person put his arm around her neck and led her to the beach. She tried to defend herself but found that this person was much stronger. She decided to pretend she was going to live, but that didn’t stop the man.

Mr. Beal then described how Ferreira threw down her cell phone and propped it up so she couldn’t scream.

The suffocation would have been so severe that she thought her eyes would go dark and she would die.


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