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Claudia Lawrence

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Claudia Lawrence has not been seen since she failed to turn up for work at the University of York in March 2009.

The lead detective in the suspected murder of Claudia Lawrence says new information has been received since officers launched a search this week.


She is 35 years old.


She was employed as a chef at the University of York, England when her disappearance. Although the police have treated her disappearance as a case of murder, with various people arrested but later released, her fate is unclear.

At 6 am on Wednesday 18 March 2009, Lawrence started her shift at Goodricke College’s Roger Kirk Centre. She completed her transformation at 2 pm and was recorded on CCTV, leaving the College on foot a few minutes later. Around 3 pm, she was recorded on CCTV passing a shop in Melrosegate near her home and a neighbour. During the evening, she spoke to both her father and mother on her mobile phone. Her mother described Lawrence’s mood as usual and relaxed. The two women discussed celebrating the forthcoming Mother’s Day.

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Lawrence told her mother she was at home and that she planned to retire early since she would have to rise before 5 am the next day to walk to work, her car being under repair. Lawrence sent a final text message from her mobile phone at 8:23 pm, and a final incoming text was received at 9:12 pm. After that, nobody is known to have seen or heard from Lawrence.


Searches of Sand Hutton gravel pits, a fishing spot about eight miles (13km) outside the city, began on Tuesday.

Det Supt Wayne Fox thanked the public for their “positive responses and new information.”

North Yorkshire Police said the search could last for several days, covering an area of woodland and two lakes popular with anglers.

The force has not revealed what led officers to the location but said it was one of “several active lines of inquiry” being followed in the case.

Colin Sutton, a former detective chief inspector with the Metropolitan Police, told the BBC he believed they would be acting upon some tip-off.

“The fact that they are prepared to invest all these resources in a search for days or weeks tells me they think the information they are acting upon is pretty good,” he added.

Police Report

Det Supt Fox, who took over as senior investigating officer in the case earlier this year, said: “Our focus is on finding Claudia and bringing those responsible for her disappearance and suspected murder to justice.”

Pictures from the scene show teams of officers combing through the undergrowth, and forensic investigators have been spotted at the site.

The force has said underwater search teams would also take part in evidence-gathering efforts.

Anna Chaussee, a senior lecturer in forensics at Winchester University, said those involved in the searches would be highly experienced officers with specialist training.

Their main task, she said, would be to decide upon the relevance of any recovered items and to ask: “What do you send for testing and what questions are you then actually answering?”

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