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Chris Jackson is the husband of OnlyFans model Crystal Jackson. Crystal uses the name Tiffany Poindexter on the OnlyFans account.

Jackson says her three sons have now been expelled from their Catholic school over her posts on the adult social platform.

She KCRA-TV that other parents sent her photos to the school’s principal and the diocese, resulting in her children’s expulsion.


He is 49-year-old.

Tiffany Poindexter Bio

Tiffany Poindexter is from Northern California, who stated that other parents are trying to get her children kicked out of their school because of her means to make money.

She rakes in $150,000 a month on OnlyFans, says she is being bullied by fellow mums after they discovered her account.

She is 44 years old.

Known as Mrs. Poindexter on the adult platform, she earned $14,000 in the first month alone for posing in lingerie while doing “regular mum activities” like cooking or cleaning.

According to Tiffany, her pictures are popular because it’s relatable and helps her to improve her self-confidence, as reported by The Sun.

Tiffany, along with her family, lives in a wealthy neighborhood made up of a close-knit Catholic community.

She has also claimed that they have received considerable backlash from people who don’t approve of the OnlyFans account.

Chris Jackson Sons Kicked Out From School

Jackson said she used to volunteer as a “room mom” in one of her children’s classrooms. But as she told KOVR-TV, the school “removed” her from that position. Days later, on February 21, the family was informed via email that their three sons, who range in age from 8 to 12, were being expelled.

Jackson shared the email with KCRA-TV. Sacred Heart Parish principal Theresa Sparks signed the message:

Your apparent quest for high-profile controversy in support of your adult website is in direct conflict with what we hope to impart to our students and is directly opposed to the policies laid out in our Parent/Student Handbook. We, therefore, require that you find another school for your children and have no further association with ours.

Jackson says her children were not allowed to return to the school building to pick up their belongings, CBS Sacramento reported.

Couple Is Looking for Another School

Poindexter told CBS Sacramento that she and her husband are hoping to find another Catholic school for their sons. But they have expressed concern about being potentially “blackballed” by the church diocese.

Despite that concern, Jackson has continued to post images. She has shared several images on her Instagram account since her sons’ expulsio

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