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Candice Reed

Candice Reed Wiki – Candice Reed Biography

Candice Reed is a Riverside, California math teacher who is under fire for donning a fake Native American headdress and dancing around a classroom while doing tomahawk chops.

The video of Reed dancing around the classroom at John W. North high school in Riverside, CA, has gone viral, including on TikTok.


Her age is unclear.

Viral Video

According to a post on Instagram, Candice works at the John W. North High School.

It is said that she teaches math at a school in Riverside, California.

A video showing Candice doing the Tomahawk Chop in the classroom has gone viral.

It shows her starting to jump around after a few seconds.

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She shows the dance moves to her students before actually performing them and is even seen on top of a bench at one point as she continues to dance.

Headgear was worn, which was made of paper with a couple of feathers attached to it.

People Criticized Reed

The response on social media to the Reed video was very negative.

“Anyone see the fact up video of that white teacher in California, wearing a headdress, dancing around, and doing the tomahawk chop in a classroom, and a Native student recorded her. I just watched on Facebook, and I puked in my mouth,” wrote one woman on Twitter. “Not even a headdress, a couple of feathers made out of construction paper, suppose to look like a headdress.”

People criticized Reed, saying the dance was racist.

“Fire Candice Reed please,” wrote another person on Twitter.

People also wrote angry comments on the school district’s Facebook page. “Hoping the district makes the right decision and terminates her employment. There is no way a teacher should think this type of behavior is acceptable. The fact that you have allowed it for YEARS is unfathomable. DO BETTER,” wrote one.

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