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Camila Marodin – nicknamed the Traffic Cutie in Brazil – has been accused of drug trafficking, money laundering, and criminal enterprise.

The cartel Queen has survived a hail of bullets fired at her in an assassination attempt while under house arrest.


Her age is unclear.

Camila Marodin Shot 20 Times

She has been fitted with an ankle tag and had just returned home from the shops in the city of Curitiba when she was shot at from a parked car.

But none of the reported 20 bullets fired at Marodin hit her, though a friend was shot and taken to hospital.

Video shows her car pulling into the driveway and the pair getting out before they frantically take cover as the shooting begins.

The attempt on Marodin’s life comes after her husband Ricardo Marodin was murdered at one of their children’s birthday parties in November, days before she was arrested.

According to local media, Camila Marodin became one of the gang’s leaders following his execution.

Camila was arrested in the municipality of Matinhos, around a 1.5-hour drive from Curitiba, by cops investigating the gang.

She has denied all the allegations against her.


Her lawyer, Claudio Dalledone, said her current home is the third of his client since she was fitted with an ankle tag in mid-December.

She was regularly changing addresses due to the apparent threat to her life, with Marodin telling her lawyer she regularly noticed suspicious activity nearby.

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Four men allegedly shot Ricardo Marodin as he left the venue where the party was.

Ricardo was suspected of heading a drug-trafficking gang, and according to Dalledone, an ongoing war had erupted between rival gangs.

Three days after the killing, two men, including a former cop, were shot dead in the same car allegedly used in the hit.

The charges Marodin is facing stem from when investigators found £182,000 in her account.

In the same operation that arrested her, 13 properties believed to belong to the gang and valued at £701,000 were seized.

Cops also confiscated five cars – two Audis, a Honda, a Camaro, and a Porsche – as well as 39 weapons and £16,800 in cash.

Also, during the police operation, which involved serving 40 warrants, a man with a criminal record was shot dead, allegedly while “reacting” to his imminent arrest.

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