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Caleb Drummond

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Food Network star Ree Drummond’s nephew Caleb Drummond is in critical condition following a crash involving her husband.

According to a report provided by the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety, the crash occurred between two fire trucks, driven by Drummond’s husband Ladd Drummond, 52, and her nephew Caleb Drummond. Fox 23 and News On 6 report the men were responding to a fire at Drummond’s ranch near Pawhuska, Oklahoma.


He is 21 years old.


On Thursday, March 11, a report on the crash to The Chicago Sun-Times was realized. By theThe Oklahoma Department of Public Safety.

First, the accident involved Ree Drummond’s husband Ladd Drummond, Caleb, This is after they were driving fire trucks and crashed together. Moreover, Caleb was in a bad condition. Second, he had a head, arm, leg, and other injuries.

On the other hand, Ladd declined treatment at the scene of the accident. The two were out fighting a fire in the ranch.

Caleb Drummond Condition

The report says Caleb is in “critical condition” with head, arm, leg, and other injuries and has been transported to St. John Medical Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Ladd refused treatment at the scene.

The report cites “speed due to traffic conditions” as the cause of the collision. According to the document, the drivers’ visibility was reduced as a result of high winds on the gravel road.

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The vehicles hit head-on, with Caleb being ejected about 70 feet from point of rest.

On Thursday Drummond reached out to her fans via social media to let everyone know both her husband and nephew will likely be Okay.


Ree Drummond, known for her blog ”The Pioneer Woman” and Food Network show of the same name, described watching Caleb graduate from high school in a 2018 blog post.

“Caleb, my nephew, graduated Friday night!” she wrote. “It was surreal; there’s no way he’s old enough to graduate from high school. As in No. Possible. Way.”

In another page on her blog from 2014, Drummond described her fondness for Caleb, calling him ”his father’s clone in every way.”

“Used to take my keys off the pew in church and snicker as I looked under the cushion, on the floor, and inside the hymnal for them,” she wrote. “And actually, he still does this. Calls me ‘ma’am.’ He’s a good kid.”

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