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Brittany Gosney

Brittany Gosney Wiki – Brittany Gosney Bio

Brittany Gosney is an Ohio mother. She is accused of murdering her 6-year-old son James Robert Hutchinson and then dumping his body into the Ohio River. Her boyfriend is accused of helping her dispose of the child’s body.

In a press release, Middletown, Ohio, Police Chief David Birk revealed that James was initially reported missing to the Middletown Division of Police by Gosney, his mother.


Gosney is 29 years old.

James Robert Hutchinson Missing

“This morning, James Robert Hutchinson, age 6, was reported missing to Middletown Division of Police by his mother, Brittany Gosney. The Middletown Division of Police would like to thank the many people that came out to help search for James and the organized search teams that responded,” Birk wrote in the press release.

“Sadly, upon further questioning of Brittany Gosney and her boyfriend, James Hamilton, they now say that James was killed in Preble County a few days ago. The child’s body was brought back to Middletown, where they live, and later put into the Ohio River.”

Gosney Dumped Murdered Son’s Body in River

They allege that Gosney drove her three kids to Rush Run Park in Preble County, Ohio, on Friday.

She “tried to abandon Hutchinson,” the television allege, and he “tried to hold on to her car as she drove away…Gosney dragged him until he let go.”

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She claimed she later returned to the parking lot and found him dead there; his official cause of death was not released.

The chief said the mother initially planned to abandon all three kids, but only left James behind. Once she picked the body back up, she put his body in a bedroom until the next day when she allegedly dumped the boy in the river, the chief said.


According to Birk, Brittany Gosney, age 29, was “charged with Murder, Abuse of a Corpse, and Tampering with Evidence.”

James Hamilton, age 42, “was charged with Abuse of a Corpse and Tampering with Evidence.”

Police Report

The chief told WCPO that the two couldn’t agree on when they last saw the child, which investigators thought was suspicious.

The chief said that two other children in the household “have been removed from the residence.” The initial police press release when James was first reported missing said, “We have a missing 6 years old named James.

He is was last seen in the area of Crawford St. Hutchinson is a white male, 3’ tall, 42 lbs. He has dark blond/reddish hair and blue eyes. Hutchinson was last seen wearing a red shirt with blue and red Batman pajama pants. If you see him, call 911.”

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