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Brittany Correri

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Brittany Correri, an Atlanta-area woman, has opened up about her terrifying experience online dating after a Wednesday night date turned violent. Correri said she was on a first date with a man called “Ben,” who she’d met on Hinge, and things were going well until the end of the night when he began hitting her repeatedly and eventually pulled a gun on her.

The man was identified by the Atlanta Police Department as Benjamin Fancher and he is now wanted for aggravated assault, kidnapping and false imprisonment, according to News19.


Her age is unclear.

Brittany Correri Beaten By Hinge Date

Correri first shared her story on Instagram on November 13, posting photos of her bruised face to the platform alongside her account of what happened. She said her date with Fancher her was first time trying online dating: “The night was going normal, having fun until we left our last spot for the night. As soon as we left with no warning he started beating/punching me in my head and face. If I would try to leave the car he would pull me back in by my hair or the hood on my hoodie.”


She said her goal in coming forward with her story was not for “sympathy or attention” but to remind women to be vigilant and to share details of their online dates with someone. The full post is available here:

Suspect Identified

he man police say brutally beat a woman after a date arranged on a dating app has been identified.

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Benjamin Fancher is wanted by the Atlanta Police Department for aggravated assault, kidnapping and false imprisonment.

On Wednesday night, Brittany Correri said she went on a first date with a man named “Ben” after meeting him through the dating app Hinge.

Police Report

The Atlanta Police Department said Fancher parked his white BMW in the 1100 block of Howell Mill Road at around 6:30 a.m. on Thursday morning and pulled Correri out of the vehicle by her hair, according to 11Alive. The incident report also indicated that Fancher had been driving Correri around for about an hour beforehand, the outlet wrote.

Police are looking for Fancher, whose identity made public on Monday. The security guard who stepped in, Fantasia Atkinson, told 11Alive: “We can stop this from happening to someone else. The more that the women re-post his picture and we get it out there, the quicker that we can catch this guy.” Correri also shared the photos of Fancher included on his Hinge dating profile.

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