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Bridgey Rooney Newest

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Bridgey Rooney Newest from Dunstable North London, was a mom who died by Suicide. She has been in court battles fighting to get her child John for two years, and it all came scrambling when it was recommended that John be lined up for adoption.


She was 21 years old.


Bridgey’s mom and sister gave a narration of what transpired in a Change.org petition. Her family described her as the best mother of all mothers saying that her child, John got a bump on his head from her little cousin playing with him. She went to the hospital not thinking what would happen, just worried for her child – when they see a bump, they think it’s abuse. But, it was far from abuse. John was taken into care that same night by social services.
Bridgey was immediately lost without him. The Social Workes claimed she would have to go on child care courses – being the best mother there ever was, he was looked after like a king.

The battle for her son was with the Social Workers and her ex-husband, whom she Divorced. The ex-husband was also trying to put Bridgey in a corner and take Bridgey’s Child. In addition, his family tried to degrade Bridgey and take her child.

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Her family says the system emotionally manipulated Bridgey to claim that her child was better off without her. Finally, she received a phone call from them informing her that they recommended John to go up for adoption and not return to her family. She could not bear it anymore. She gave her life for him. He has now been left motherless because of the system and needs to come back to his family.


Kathleen Ben Tapsell wrote in a Facebook post, “RIP my beautiful friend Bridgey Rooney Newest can’t believe this she was the best-natured girl you ever did see, and the best mother to her beautiful baby boy john she loved him so so much every word out of her mouth was about him can’t believe what’s happened you deserved so much more than the hand you where delt, my friend.

I’ll never forget the laffs we had and all the times we would leave the shops wid nothink?‍♂️ ? and you would always think of everyone around the shops pick up this for her and this for such one heart of gold
rest in peace naw bridge ? until we meet again.”

Another wrote, “This week, this 21-year-old mum took her own life because the government was forcibly adopting her baby boy.

You may jump to conclude that she may have been a bad mum? The SW account criticized her toddler for having ‘too much milk’.

Would you please look up the details of this case? A baby boy has no mummy to fight for him now.
This is the 5th Suicide of a parent involved in the Local Authority care process that I’ve been aware of in the past few months!

Share, discuss and help this go viral please at the request of her friends and family who want her remembered as ‘the best mum they have ever seen.’

Stop judging these mothers! If they don’t come for you, your children could be next. RIP darling – the ultimate sacrifice of a loving mother. But so so wrong.”