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Brandon Soules

Brandon Soules Wiki – Brandon Soules Bio

Brandon Soules was fired from his job at The Tire Factory in Coolidge, Arizona after he stuffed a bandanna into his mouth and lay on the side of the road.

He faked his own kidnapping because he did not want to go to work, police have said.


He is 19 years old.

Brandon Soules Fake Kidnap

Soules was fired from his job at The Tire Factory in Coolidge, Arizona after the incident came to light.

The 19-year-old was found apparently roughed up and helpless on February 10 in Coolidge, KNXV-TV reports.

He had a bandanna stuffed in his mouth and his hands tied behind his back as he lay on the side of the road.

He told police he had been kidnapped by two masked men.

“He informed us that he at first stuffed a bandanna in his mouth,” a Coolidge Police Department official said, ABC11 reported.

“Afterwards, he took off his own belt and bound his hands with his own belt.”

He then lay on the ground and scooted out on the side of the road so somebody could see him.

Soules’ apparent plan worked in that a passerby saw him and called the police.

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However, a little detective work soon saw his story unravel, police said.

“He informed us that he was hit in the head and stuffed in a car in front of his home and this occurred after 7 o’clock in the morning, but when we located video surveillance in front of his home, we were able to see no such thing,” the police official said.

Soules reportedly claimed he was kidnapped because of a large amount of money that his father had hidden somewhere around town.

Coolidge Police Department detectives brought him in on 17 February and questioned him.


Authorities claim he confessed to making the story up.

Soules was charged with reporting false information.

Police said he pleaded guilty to the crime.

“It was very important that we put out that media release to let people know that our community is still safe and there are not two masked men running about kidnapping people,” police said.

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