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Braden Ellis

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Braden Ellis is a California college student and his communications professor got into a squabble during a virtual class this week after he delivered a presentation against “cancel culture” and defending police officers calling them “heroes”. The professor told student Ellis, a business major, that police were created in the American South to track down runaway slaves and suggested that policing is essentially a form of systemic racism.


He is 19 years old.


A California college professor was borderline enraged when one of her students said he believed cops were heroes, and the exchange is fascinating.

19-year-old Braden Ellis was in a zoom lecture with his professor at Cypress College. Ellis told the class he believed most police were good people and acknowledged some terrible cops should be disciplined.

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The professor shot back there is little to no accountability when cops cross the line … and the stats support her position. Ellis agreed but stood his ground and maintained most cops joined their police forces to protect and serve and therefore deserved hero status.

The professor didn’t have it, saying, “So what is your bottom line point? You’re saying police officers should be revered, viewed as heroes? They belong on TV shows with children?”


The teacher’s identity is still under wraps, and Ellis said he would like to maintain privacy for her even though the video of the said encounter between the two of them has gone viral. Daily Wire reported the video first, which showed the professor butting repeatedly and frequently speaking over Ellis as he tried to defend his point following a presentation.

The presentation was not a part of the video, but Ellis’s presentation said cancel culture is “destructive and tearing our country apart” during the class. Ellis mentioned ‘PAW Patrol’, a cartoon about search and rescue dogs aimed at children ages 2-4.

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