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Bonnie Jacobson

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Bonnie Jacobson is a New York City waitress, who was fired from her job after she told her supervisors that she wanted to wait before she got the Covid-19 vaccine.

Jacobson, of Brooklyn, said her manager initially understood her concerns about the vaccine’s effect on pregnancy and told her vaccination wasn’t required.


She is 34 years old.

Bonnie Jacobson Fired From Job

New York waitress was fired from the restaurant she worked for because she refused to get vaccinated against Covid-19 after her employer ordered it.

She wanted to wait a while before the vaccine was absolutely certain that she would not affect her chances of conceiving her.

Jacobson insisted she was not an anti-vaccine, but she wanted to wait sometime for more research data on her effects on fertility, the New York Post reported.


Jacobson started working as a waitress at the Red Hook Tavern in August 2020 and she has worked there for a long time since then until she was fired.

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She claimed to have worked hard and worked outdoors in the freezing cold for days as she diligently adhered to all Covid-19 protocols and she also expected some compassion and flexibility from her employers.


She said her manager initially understood her concerns and told her that getting vaccinated was not required.

But days later, the tavern changed course and on Feb. 12 workers received an email stating that vaccinations were mandatory.

“Please be advised that we will require that all employees receive the vaccination,” the email, which Jacobson provided to NBC News, said.

“This will be mandatory for all existing employees and any new hires. The exception to this policy will be if your own personal health or disability prohibits you from obtaining this vaccination.

We encourage you to consult your healthcare professional to determine if getting a vaccine is right for you.”

Jacobson said she emailed her job and said that she did not want to get the vaccine at this point and needed more time.

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