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Bernardo Montoya

Bernardo Montoya Wiki – Bernardo Montoya Biography

Bernardo Montoya is a convicted killer who was accused of torturing, raping, and murdering a young woman in a crime that prompted a wave of protests across Spain.

Prosecutors allege that Montoya killed Laura Luelmo, 26, by striking her across the head with a rock, but only after subjecting her to a terrifying ordeal. He had been released from prison for the murder of another woman two months before the killing.


He is 53 years old.

Laura Luelmo Murder

The murder of this teacher shocked the country as the concentrations of rejection and protests were massive. Races were called in memory of the young woman wearing sportswear at the time of his disappearance on December 12, 2018.

The autopsy carried out at the Institute of Legal Medicine (IML) of Huelva proved that Luelmo suffered sexual abuse, in addition to a decisive blow that caused his death between December 14 and 15, that is, between two and three days after his disappearance.

Bernardo Montoya Criminal Record

With a severe criminal record, such as the murder of an older woman, Montoya is in provisional prison as the alleged perpetrator. He confessed to the crime in the police interrogation at first but later changed his statement, and since April 4, 2019, he maintains the version that his ex-girlfriend was the alleged person responsible for the girl’s death.

The teacher’s family has asked for tremendous respect and privacy to face this tragic event all this time. The family, which at the time demanded a “public request for forgiveness” from the State for its “resounding failure” by “not being able to guarantee the right to life and physical integrity “of his daughter, already announced that he was requesting a reviewable permanent prison for Montoya.


As Alfredo Flores has indicated to Europa Press, and as he has advanced in an interview with Cadena SER, it will be a complex judgment by the organization that it requires and the cause itself, since it has predicted that it will last at least two weeks and that will be pointed out soon.

As Flores recalled, the case is already in the Provincial Court, which has already appointed the presiding magistrate of the jury court.

The Provincial Court of Huelva received in July the procedure followed by the Court of First Instance and Instruction number 1 of Valverde del Camino to celebrate the corresponding trial with a popular jury.

The date for the trial for the crime of Luelmo, for which he will sit on the bench, has not yet been set. Bernardo Montoya, who was arrested on December 18, 2018, a day after discovering the teacher’s body in the area known as Las Mimbreras outside of El Campillo, the town where he lived on the same street as his alleged murderer. The young woman had just arrived in the city to teach classes at the institute of the neighboring municipality of Nerva.

For its part, the Court referred the case on July 9 to the Provincial Court of Huelva, a procedure that, once received that same day at the Court, has been in turn by the magistrate of the Third Section Florentino G. Ruiz Yamuza.

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