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Ben Apreala is a black person, who was running in his Boston neighborhood when a gathering of ICE officials approached him in two plain SUVs, requested ID, and asked what he was doing in the region. area – obviously without ID.


He is 29 years old.

Apreala Stopped By ICE Agents During Jogging

Ben Apreala, a 29-year-old realtor, was running on VFW Parkway in West Roxbury on Tuesday when white operators leaped out of the vehicles and addressed him, WBUR detailed.

“These folks hopped up in full disguise regalia with face covers on and halted me and advised me to recognize myself quickly,” Apreala, who recorded the experience, told the station.

“Do you have tattoos to your left side or right arm?” We can affirm it and we are no longer there, “solicits one from the specialists.

“Am I free to go? Should I show you? When I’m free, I won’t show you anything, ”Apreala replies. “Thank you. I wish you a good day.”

Apreala Statement

Apreala said he was “confused as to whether or not this was a legitimate authority,” adding that the men never identified themselves, but saw “ICE” – Immigration and Customs Enforcement – on at least one of their badges.

He said federal agents asked him to show identification because it matched the description of someone involved in an ongoing investigation, but did not provide details.

“When I saw the badge and asked them if they were ICE officers, they said yes, and I explained that I was not an immigrant, I was born and raised in Boston and I have no idea what they are supporting me, ”Apreala told WBUR.

“They said immigration was not the only thing they were investigating and questioning me,” he added.

“I said, ‘Why am I being held? “Apreala told NBC Boston.” He said, “Because you fit the description of someone we’re investigating.”


A spokesperson for Enforcement and Removal Operations, a division of ICE, told NBC News that its officials “were conducting surveillance as part of targeted enforcement action.

The representative said they were looking for “a previously deported Haitian national with multiple criminal convictions and pending cocaine and fentanyl trafficking charges who may have been in the area.”

The agency added that Apreala matched the subject’s description and officers identified themselves as “Police / ICE.”

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh attacked ICE’s actions, saying he asked the city’s police department for more information on the incident.

“Let me be clear: Race profiles and stops like these are bogus, unwarranted, and will not be tolerated,” Walsh said on Twitter.

“For him and others who may have had such an experience, I urge ICE to end this cruel practice of instilling fear in the lives of our residents, especially our black residents and brown and undocumented immigrants, ”he added.

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