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Barry Morphew

Barry Morphew Wiki – Barry Morphew Biography

Barry Morphew is the husband of a missing Colorado woman is in court on Monday for a preliminary hearing related to the murder case against him.

The first witness was the lead investigator, who testified that Suzanne Morphew had been having an affair with a man named Jeff Libler for approximately two years — which wasn’t discovered until about six months after she disappeared.


He is 53 years old.

Suzanne Morphew Murder

Barry Morphew is the spouse of Suzanne Morphew. She is said to have vanished a year prior on May 10, 2020, when she purportedly rode a bicycle and stayed away forever home.

Her better half who was out of the town at that point had mentioned her to return mournfully and maintained his affection for her on May 27th. However, doubts against him had effectively been there and Suzanne’s brother, Andrew Moorman consistently guaranteed that it may have been the situation of homegrown maltreatment.

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Barry Morphew’s better half is obscure. The said man was seen feasting with a secret lady when his better half had vanished. He additionally has not assisted with looking for her. This had raised more hypotheses against him however he had denied the illicit relationship saying he doesn’t have some other love since 1988, the time they wedded.


Barry Morphew is charged with first-degree murder, tampering with a corpse, possession of a deadly weapon, and attempting to influence a public servant. The Eytan Neilson firm represents him.

During the preliminary hearing, prosecutors lay out their evidence, and the judge will decide whether there is enough to proceed with a trial.


On Monday, prosecutors showed body camera video that had not been released before — from the day Suzanne went missing. It shows officers handling her bike, shouting her name, and looking for her. They also presented a video from later that evening, showing Barry Morphew arriving at the large scene. He was crying and asking to see the bike.

Prosecutors say Barry Morphew was interviewed at the scene for about 30 minutes. During the interview, he suggested that police look at the “suspicious” RV park nearby and speculated that a mountain lion might have taken her.

Barry Morphew’s daughters and mother were in the courtroom on Monday. During a break, they cried, and he pulled his mask down and mouthed, “I love you.”

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