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Austin Stiles

Austin Stiles Wiki – Austin Stiles Biography

Austin Stiles from California is reported to have passed away as per multiple statements by his close friends and family posted on December 3rd.


He was 29 years old.

Southern California University Student

Austin Stiles was a student at Southern California University and went to the College of San Mateo. He was a football player at the University playing for the USC Trojans.

Austin wrote a personal statement on his profile, “My goals are to first make it to the next level and get the best education possible. I want to go to a school that is going to provide what I need. I am a very hard work in whatever I do I just want to be the best I can be in whatever I do and do not like failing but I know when we fail that’s just a text and I use that as motivation to push me harder and to get me better. This is my first year of football I have played basketball my whole life and I also run track I am an athlete that works for everything I get I am willing to do whatever it takes to play at the next level.”

Cause of Death

Austin Stiles reportedly passed away on December 3rd, as per a statement from his family. Meliesa Branson-Stiles shared several posts of friends confirming the death of Austin.

One, Tara Oceguera wrote, “My heart is completely broke. My tribe is broken right now & there are so many questions I have for God. Anyone that was lucky enough to know Austin Stiles was truly blessed by him. His spirit, his heart (boy does he love hard) his abilities, his kindness, his attitude, his grind, everything that encompassed him was LOVE. Love for everybody.

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His presence will always be felt & the impact he had on so many lives will never be forgotten. Even people that didn’t know him, wanted to know him or be around him. He was infectious. A true warrior with every obstacle he faced. Please, please hug your loved ones. Tell them you love them because you never know what tomorrow holds. All the prayers and love you can send to my Stiles family Meliesa Branson-Stiles Sam Stiles Ramon Gil Allison Stiles Alyssa Stiles Ashlee Reiley is greatly appreciated. This world will never be the same, nor will I. I love you Austin.”

Tara Oceguera wrote, “My heart is with the Stiles family today as they are mourning. The whole city of Ceres is at a loss but we all come together to spread love and prayers and healing over this amazing family who lost someone so dear to them. My family is sending all our prayers and love to the Stiles. Austin was there for me in the years I’ve known him like he was for everyone that had the pleasure of meeting his sweet and caring soul. He was there as a shoulder to cry on for me when my papa passed away and was there as support for me and my family. May the lord be with you Meliesa and your your family and put a healing hand over you and know we are all with you in heart and spirit ??❤️”