Who is Ashley Vanderbilt? Wiki, Bio, Age, Escaped QAnon, Husband, Daughter, TikTok

Ashley Vanderbilt

Ashley Vanderbilt Wiki – Ashley Vanderbilt Bio

Ashley Vanderbilt worked in the workplace of a development organization. In any case, similar to a large number of Americans in 2020, she says she lost her position toward the beginning of the Covid-19 lockdown.

Feeling discouraged and with additional time to burn, she started investing a great deal of energy on the web.

Ashley Vanderbilt says her four-year-old daughter Emmerson knew “something was wrong with her mom.”

“I wasn’t one hundred per cent there like I should have been,” she recalls.


She is 27 years old.

Ashley Vanderbilt Escaped QAnon

After November’s political race she went through days on TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube getting instilled into the universe of QAnon.

By introduction day, she was persuaded that on the off chance that, at that point President-elect Joe Biden took office the United States would in a real sense transform into a socialist country.

She was unnerved that she would need to remain in isolation with her little girl.

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Numerous QAnon adherents have clear political intentions, yet Vanderbilt says she is an inactive member in governmental issues.

“I’ve generally been somebody that you simply instruct me and I do it. I grew up being told we were Republicans, so I’ve generally been that straight red ticket,” she clarified in a meeting with CNN close to her home in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, last Saturday.

She doesn’t watch the news. “What have we heard about the last four or five years? Try not to watch the news. ‘Counterfeit news.’ ‘Counterfeit news.'”


The 27-year-old mom is an avid user of the video app TikTok. It’s there, she says, that she was first introduced to QAnon.

She mostly followed entertainment accounts on the platform, but as the election neared she began interacting with pro-Trump and anti-Biden TikTok videos.

Soon, she says, TikTok’s “For You” page, an algorithmically determined feed in the app that suggests videos a user might like, was showing her video after video of conspiracy theories.

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