Who is Ariella Crawford? Wiki, Bio, Age, Shot Dead, Video, Police Report

Ariella Crawford

Ariella Crawford Wiki – Ariella Crawford Bio

Ariella Crawford fatally shot by a California deputy in front of her two young children as she charged at another cop with a knife.

The footage, released Wednesday by the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office, shows Ms. Crawford walking along a road in Alta Sierra with her two young children when Deputy Caleb Toderean approaches her.


She was 33 years old.

Ariella Crawford Shot Dead

The Nevada County Sheriff’s Office on Wednesday released a video that shows a deputy fatally shooting a woman holding a knife as she chased after another deputy in front of her children two weeks ago.

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Ariella Sage Eloise Crawford was shot in front of her children on the afternoon of Feb. 4, the Nevada County District Attorney’s Office has said. Crawford’s birth name was Deidre Eloise Hawkins.

Crawford, 33, died at a hospital. No one else was injured during the encounter.


The video shows Crawford get closer to Toderean as one of the children moved in that same direction. She told the deputy to get away from her child.

Toderean repeatedly told Crawford to back up and tried to convince her to talk to him.

At the same time, Harrison was holding a Taser and aiming the less-than-lethal weapon at Crawford. Harrison also told Crawford to back away and put down the knife.

“Listen, talk to us. Talk to us,” Toderean told Crawford as one of the frightened children is heard screaming.

Crawford then screamed at Toderean, “Kill me now, because they will find out the truth!” Toderean responded, “I don’t want to kill you.”

Police Report

The District Attorney’s Office has said the woman was armed with a knife, and one deputy fired his gun at the woman during the encounter.

The Sheriff’s Office released video footage captured with dashboard cameras. The video released Wednesday contains recordings of 911 calls, along with radio traffic between dispatchers and deputies.

Deputy Caleb Toderean and Deputy Matthew Harrison were the first to arrive and were involved in the fatal shooting. Toderean has worked for the Sheriff’s Office for four-and-a-half years and Harrison has been with the office for four years.

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