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Aoife Beary suffered serious brain injuries when a balcony collapsed during her 21st birthday and killed six of her friends has died of a stroke almost seven years on.

Beary from Blackrock, south Dublin, was taken to Beaumont Hospital in Dublin on Wednesday after she suffered a stroke. She succumbed to her illness on Saturday.


She was 27 years old.

Berkeley Balcony Collapse

Six of Beary’s friends died while they celebrated her 21st birthday party in the Library Gardens apartment in Berkeley, California, on June 16, 2015, after a fifth-floor balcony they were standing on collapsed.

After the tragedy, Beary advocated for building companies to release public safety records, was one of the seven survivors of the incident.

The students were in the US as part of a popular J-1 summer working visas program, which sees thousands of young Irish people flock to the United States annually.

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Beary suffered life-threatening injuries such as brain trauma, broken bones, and organ lacerations and underwent a lengthy recovery in California and back home in Ireland, including open-heart surgery.

Cause of Death

It is unclear if her death was related to injuries she sustained at the 2015 incident.

Beary had pursued studies at Oxford Brookes University in England in recent years.

At the time of the accident, she studied for a pharmacology degree at the University of California, Davis.

In August 2016, Beary told politicians before the California state legislature that her injuries had forced her to pause her education and lose her independence.

‘Some of my injuries will be with me for the rest of my life,’ she said at the time. ‘My life has been changed forever.’

‘Now my birthday will always be their anniversary,’ she added about her friends’ tragic deaths.

Before her death on Saturday, Beary had pushed building companies to release public safety records to California’s building regulator, The Irish Times reported.

Olivia Burke, Eoghan Culligan, Niccolai Schuster, Lorcan Miller, Eimear Walsh, all 21 from Ireland, and Irish-American Ashley Donohoe, 22, died when the balcony collapsed under the weight of 13 people.

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