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Anthony Quinn Warner

Anthony Quinn Warner Wiki – Anthony Quinn Warner Bio

Anthony Quinn Warner of Antioch is a native of Antioch. CBS News reports federal investigators have identified a person of interest in the case of an RV explosion in downtown Nashville on Christmas morning.

Federal agents spent the day searching for his house.


He 63 years old.

Anthony Quinn Warner Nashville bombing Suspect

Two senior law enforcement officials who have seen the investigation reports confirmed to Newsweek on Saturday that federal investigators were searching the residence of Warner, a suspect involved in the Friday explosion in downtown Nashville.

The officials requested anonymity because they were not authorized to speak about the case on the record. No motive for the bombing, which injured three people, has been identified as yet.

The search reportedly commenced just before 11 a.m. local time at a home on Bakerton Road in Antioch, a Nashville neighborhood, according to The Tennessean.

Neighbors told the outlet that an RV resembling the vehicle involved in the explosion was seen outside the location over the past two weeks.

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A Google street view search showed a similar vehicle in the driveway; however, it was not present at the location on Saturday when authorities arrived. The street view picture was taken in May 2019, according to Google.

Warner has been identified by several outlets as a white male Nashville-area resident.

Police Report

Federal agents and metro police spent the day combing through Warner’s home, making sure it was safe and looking for evidence.

Neighbors tell me when police showed the picture of the RV that was used in the downtown bombing, they immediately recognized it.

“It was parked over there all the time,” Rodriguez said, “It’s weird because it could’ve been us if he wanted to like blow us up or the bomb could’ve malfunctioned.”

Newschannel 5 investigates were able to dig up property assessment photos of the home. It shows the RV there as far back as 2007.

Google street view pictures of Warner’s property from last year also showed an RV similar to the one used in the bombing.

It is unclear right now if anyone was inside the house when federal agents entered.

Anthony Warner Died

Anthony Warner, an Antioch, Tennessee, computer contract worker, was the Nashville bomber and is dead, authorities revealed on December 27. They believe he died in the blast on Christmas morning in downtown Nashville.

Authorities have now matched human tissue recovered at the blast zone to Warner’s DNA. “We’ve come to the conclusion that an individual named Anthony Warner is the bomber,” U.S. Attorney Donald Q. Cochran, Jr. declared in a December 27 news conference. Warner was present when the bomb went off and “perished in the bombing,” said authorities. Forensic scientists confirmed a DNA match, authorities said. They scoured surveillance video and saw no one else near the RV, leading them to believe that Warner acted alone.

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