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Who is Anthony Lawrence? Wiki, Bio, Age, Killer, Victim, Trial, Police Report

Anthony Lawrence

Anthony Lawrence Wiki – Anthony Lawrence Bio

Anthony Lawrence killed Shane Gilmer in front of his pregnant partner after claiming he was responsible for his eviction from his home in Southburn, East Yorkshire, an inquest heard.

A father-of-three died after a crossbow bolt fired at him by his neighbor became lodged in his spine, an inquest heard.


He is 55 years old.

Anthony Lawrence Killed Shane Gilmer

Shane Gilmer, 30, was shot dead by Anthony Lawrence, 55, who had broken into his house and hid in his loft while he was out with his pregnant partner Laura Sugden.

Hull Coroner’s Court heard a crossbow bolt was shot through Shane’s right arm and became lodged into his abdomen.

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His partner Laura needed life-saving surgery after telling 999 operators the crossbow had cut her throat.
Thankfully she and the couple’s unborn baby survived the sickening attack, which happened on Friday, January 12, 2018.

However, Shane tragically died of his injuries despite the “heroic efforts” of medics after being rushed to Hull Royal Infirmary.


Hull Coroner’s Court was read a transcript in which Shane told the operator: “It’s right in, it’s about 10 inches into my body. It ripped through my arm as well.”

The inquest heard the ambulance arrived at the hospital at around 11.28 pm, and Shane was pronounced dead just after midnight.

The murder sparked a two-day search which saw the sleepy village of Southburn, East Yorks., put on “lockdown” by police.

Lawrence’s body was found on the North York Moors on Sunday, January 14.

Shane and Laura, who had been together for two years, had been out on the night of the attack, the inquest heard.

Lawrence broke into the couple’s home through the dividing wall between their lofts and lay in wait until they returned.

The inquest heard “various disputes” between Shane and Lawrence, who had previously threatened Shane after asking him to turn his music down.

The couple had also smelled cannabis and had reported Lawrence as the substance was affecting Laura’s daughter’s asthma, the inquest heard.

Lawrence told the couple he blamed them for being evicted from his house, and a pile of horse manure was dumped in their garden after he was served an eviction notice.

When the couple returned from their date, the inquest heard that Laura went upstairs to put the electric blanket on.

Shane Gilmer’s Mum Statement

Shane’s heartbroken mum Patricia said in a statement read out to the court that her oldest son was a “fantastic, hands-on dad” who was well-loved by everyone.

She said Shane, a housing officer for East Riding Council, had enjoyed helping people from a young age and loved his job as he was able to help vulnerable people.

Mrs. Gilmer added: “Shane was always friendly and helpful. Everyone loved him, and he had lots of friends.
“Shane loved his job, and he enjoyed helping to find people accommodation. Shane enjoyed assisting the homeless and vulnerable people.

“Shane’s life was horrendously cut short, and our lives will never be the same again.

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