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Anna Sorokin

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Fake German heiress Anna Sorokin has been released from prison eight months early and is already back on Twitter – and asking for money.

In May 2019, Sorokin – who went by Anna Delvey when she was committing fraud – was sentenced to between four and 12 years in prison.

She was given time served for the two years she served in Rikers Island awaiting trial and was let out seven months early on Thursday for good behaviour.


She is 30 years old.

Anna Sorokin Released

She had been in Albion prison in upstate New York but was released on Thursday, sources close to her told Business Insider.

Immediately after her release, Sorokin set up a new Twitter account which used first to troll Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance, who put her behind bars and then to ask for money on.

First, she tweeted a link to Vance’s remarks after she was convicted in 2019, where he said she’d spend time in prison for her crimes.

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‘Good job,’ she tweeted, tagging him in it afterwards.

Then she started asking for jobs and money, before changing the name of the account and deleting some of the tweets after being questioned about them by DailyMail.com.


Her trial took place in Manhattan in 2019 and included tantrums from Sorokin over her wardrobe.

Sorokin’s fall from grace seemingly started to unravel when she was kicked out of the 11 Howard hotel.

Her friend Neff, who worked at the hotel, was contacted by a manager at 11 Howard in early 2017 to say they didn’t have a credit card on file to pay for Sorokin’s lengthy stay.

At that point, Sorokin had racked up $30,000 in charges at the hotel.

When the hotel pressed her for payment, Sorokin told them a wire transfer was on the way and then proceeded to order a case of 1975 Dom Perignon for the staff.

Citibank eventually did send the wire transfer for the full $30,000 amount, which prosecutors said she paid for using money from bad checks.

But the hotel still locked Sorokin out of her hotel room in May 2017 while she was away on a trip to Nebraska because she couldn’t provide a working credit card.

Sorokin had chartered a private plane that cost $35,400 to and from the Berkshire Hathaway shareholders meeting in Omaha, Nebraska so she could try and meet billionaire Warren Buffet.

She boasted to friends that she got into a dinner party and spoke to the billionaire herself.

The bill for the charter company, which is popular among New York’s elite who use it to fly to and from the Hamptons and Miami, never got paid.


In her Twitter bio, she said: ‘I’m back.’

She then tweeted: ‘Someone from Fortress Investment Group – I need $720m by the end of the week, DM me,’ Sorokin tweeted.

‘Looking for a job. Serious offers only,’ she added, then: ‘My price just went up’.

Her profile photo on the Twitter page shows her wearing a protective COVID-19 mask.

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