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Anisah Ahmed

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Anisah Ahmed, a scorned lawyer who cried rape in a sinister plot to destroy her lover after discovering he was already married, was today given a life sentence.

She set up an “evil” campaign of lies and falsely claimed she was raped as well as staging her kidnapping and stabbing, a judge heard.


She is 33 years old.

False Rape Case

The twisted plot began in 2014 when the qualified barrister found out her lover, fellow barrister Iqbal Mohammed, was married.

She then reported Mr. Mohammed, 38, had “raped her on several occasions”, and her complaint was “detailed and convincing” – even though it was utterly false, the court heard.

Sitting at Oxford Crown Court, Judge Michael Gledhill QC gave her a discretionary life sentence with a minimum term of four years, six months, and ten days.

He said: “It appears that Ahmed had no idea that Mohammed was married.”When she found out, she felt utterly betrayed and took her revenge by putting into effect a comprehensive and orchestrated plan to destroy him – both professionally and personally.”


As her harassment trial approached, Ahmed became increasingly desperate and hatched a plan to stage her kidnapping and stabbing.

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Balraj Bhatia QC, defending, said: “She is a manipulative woman.

“She cannot cope with rejection and feelings of betrayal, but this behavior is likely a coping mechanism as a result of her diagnosis of emotionally unstable personality disorder.

“It is very much like the young child who cried wolf, and she is now a woman who was driven to concoct false allegations of rape and has been found out. She has made herself vulnerable to future abuse.”

In his sentencing remarks, Judge Gledhill said: “Your actions, Ms. Ahmed, were malicious, even evil.

“False allegations can have dreadful consequences on an innocent person who has committed no crime.

“Being wrongly accused of harassment is serious enough.

But accusing him of rape is in quite another category.”

Iqbal Mohammed Statement

After seeing her jailed, Mr. Mohammed said he believed he was targeted following his BBC documentary debut and explained that the dark harassment he faced was comparable with the movie “Fatal Attraction.”

He said: “I can’t put into words what it was like. I saw Fatal Attraction a couple of years ago, but I couldn’t watch it because it was just like what happened to me; it was like my life.

“There was no enjoyment or entertainment in it because it was scary to see this sort of thing in a film because I had lived it.

“It started as harassment which was frustrating, and then it became dangerous and dark and scary, frightening.

“I would never have thought the judge would pass a life sentence; I think most people would think that’s crazy because she hasn’t killed anyone, but I do not think anyone would realize the depths of what she did.

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