Angel Lynn was aged 19 at the time, fell from the van as it was travelling at about 60mph (97km/h) along the dual carriageway, and suffered severe brain injuries, which she has still not recovered from.

Chay Bowskill, of Empingham Drive, Syston, Leicestershire, and his friend Rocco Sansome, 20 – who had driven the van – were sentenced for kidnap in January.

In Wanlip Lane, Birstall, Sansome was sentenced to 21 months in a young offenders’ institution.

His sentence will also be reviewed.

Miss Lynn, now 21, is receiving 24-hour specialist care in a rehabilitation centre.


She is 21 years old now.

Review Appeal

The Attorney General’s spokesman said: “I can confirm the Solicitor General has referred the sentences of Chay Bowskill and Rocco Sansome to the Court of Appeal as he agrees that they appear unduly lenient.

“It is now for the court to decide whether to increase their sentences.”

The Solicitor General, Alex Chalk QC MP, said: “The horrendous case of Angel Lynn, who was the victim of sustained abuse by her partner, Chay Bowskill, culminated in her suffering life-changing injuries.

“I wish to express my sympathies to her family. I have referred the sentence of Chay Bowskill and that of his accomplice Rocco Sansome to the Court of Appeal as they appear to me to be unduly lenient.

“It is now for the Court to decide whether to increase the sentences.”

Friend’s Statment

At trial, Angel’s best friend told the court how her ‘outgoing and chirpy’ nature changed, and she became ‘a different person’ after beginning her year-long relationship with Bowskill.

She told the jury: ‘As it went on you could tell things weren’t the same between them.’

She said Bowskill called his girlfriend ‘vile names’ and sent ‘constant text messages.

She added: ‘Chay told her she wasn’t allowed out and wasn’t allowed to meet me.

‘I said plenty of times to leave him, I told her to leave three or four times a week. She was being controlled.’

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