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An off-duty Chicago police officer was arrested in connection with the shooting death of Andris Wofford, who was planning to break up with him, family members and police said.

According to the WFLD, the officer, who could not be identified because no charges have been filed against him, was taken into custody early Thursday when Andris Wofford, a resident of the northwestern town, was arrested. He was found dead in the house with a gunshot wound to the chin.


She was 29 years old.

Andris Wofford Found dead

Family and police say a Chicago off-duty police officer has been arrested in connection with the shooting death of his son’s mother, who planned to break up with him.

The officer, who could not be identified because no charges have been filed, was arrested early Thursday when Andris Wofford, 29, was shot in the chin in a house in a northwestern town. He was pronounced dead at the scene. , WFLD reported.

Wofford’s sister told the station that she had been dating the officer for two to three years and had a 9-month-old son with her, but that she had left him with the intention of becoming a co-parent of Wofford’s son. Intended of that

“Everyone is surprised,” said Chekita Bell, Wofford’s sister. “Everyone is in trouble. Confused. We didn’t see him coming. We didn’t know he was here.”

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The WFLD reported that Wofford, who also had a 6-year-old son, worked as a social worker. Bell said his father went to the officer’s home and then called the police when another sister failed to reach him early Thursday to pick up her son.

“So young, so dynamic and full of life,” Bell said of his sister, who was working for a master’s degree. “She loved her job, her career, her school, everything. She was really doing it.”

The responsible civil police officer is investigating the incident.

The WFLD did not identify the officer who allegedly killed Wofford. A Chicago police spokesman told The Post in a statement Friday that he had been removed from police custody and questioned by detectives.

“There is no further information at this time,” the spokesman said.

Sources told the Chicago Sun-Times that Wofford had previously filed a complaint against the officer alleging domestic violence.

The Chicago Tribune reported that Wofford, found dead in a residential block at 2100 North Nashville Avenue, lived in the same league.

Since early November, the fatal shooting is the second fatal domestic incident involving a Chicago police officer. An off-duty police officer shot her husband, another Wind City police officer, while fighting for a gun at his home near Ohre International Airport on November 2.

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