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Andrew Hamilton

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Andrew Hamilton from Kingston-upon-Hull, East Yorkshire, lost his house and his family and has become dependant on alcohol while living on the streets

Hamilton said he was “living the dream” until he lost everything he held dear in just a matter of weeks.


He is 40 years old.

Andrew Hamilton Lost Everything

Hamilton became homeless two years ago.

After first living in a tent in a farmer’s field, he now calls the door of a bank in Hull city center his home, reports Hull Live.

He says homelessness has become part of his life despite becoming more and more comfortable on the streets, which he was forced to live on after losing his job as a carer.

Since then he admits to becoming dependant on alcohol and, with no plans for the future, he is forced to beg.

“I’ve not always lived on the streets, it’s just in the last couple of years,” he said.

“I was my grandma’s carer in a bungalow and she became ill and went to live at my aunties. She had to give her bungalow up and I wasn’t on the tenancy so I was made homeless.

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“I got a two-man tent and a sleeping bag and I went and slept on Bilton Grange all summer but then it started getting a bit too cold.

“I didn’t really want to be homeless in the town center but I ended up here anyway. I’ve been in Westbourne but I had some trouble there and I had to leave and I’ve just been dossing ever since really.

“I sleep in a bank doorway down the main street where there are more cameras and stuff because obviously, things happen when you’re asleep in the doorway.”


Andrew admits he is an alcoholic: “I wasn’t before I became homeless but I have become dependant on alcohol. If I need money for alcohol, I beg sometimes.

“People buy me food and stuff which is nice. Nine out of 10 people you ask for a bit of change will give you a couple of quid.

“You ask somebody for five pence and they will give you two quid sometimes. I only take what I need, I only ask for what I need. If I get enough for a beer, I get a beer and that’s me done for the day.

“I don’t sit there begging all day long every day. I don’t ask people with kids and I don’t ask the elderly.”

He added: “Money becomes irrelevant. Money used to be the most important thing in the world but now it’s not so important to me.

“Even when someone gets me breakfast in the morning – that’s the best thing. Or a coffee. It’s nice when somebody does that.

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